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How to Fight the ‘Tech Neck’

How to Fight the ‘Tech Neck’
SkinStore Editors
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Lets face it - we all love our technology. Whether we're joining in the latest WhatsApp chats on our smartphones, or sharing funny YouTube videos to Facebook from our tablets, most of the time we're glued to our devices. Heads down, chin tucked in, do not disturb.

Fact: the average person looks down at their phone 221 times a day

As much as we have accepted this is part of our everyday lives, there's an area we are forgetting: our necks. Or in this case, our 'Tech Necks'. The neck is one of the areas that has most delicate of skin, and it's also one of the first places to show signs of aging. And you're familiar with the phrase 'turkey neck', right? Which shows that we do pay attention to the appearance of necks much more than we think.


In a world where we have become completely tech-obsessed, what can we do about fighting 'Tech Neck'? No one is going to start ditching their devices any time soon, so lets be realistic. We have to start treating and looking after our delicate necks to prevent those deep lines and sagging skin.


One of our favorite skincare brands, StriVectin, have looked into this common problem, and have come up with solution for how to fight it. They have introduced their dedicated range which offers a perfect solution for fighting Tech Neck, using StriVectin science to really tackle this issue.

The TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream, TL Tightening Face Cream and Tightening Serum Neck Roller have all been designed to visibly tighten, lift and smooth away any formation of lines and sagging skin. Here's a number of things they touch on:

  • Patented NIA 114 Technology - Strengthens the skin barrier to buffer against future gravity-induced damage
  • Gravetite -CF LIfting Technology~ Improves elasticity allowing neck skin to more easily bounce back after each motion
  • Lipopeptides - Smoothes lines and wrinkles that can form from repeated motion of looking down
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Deeply hydrates and plumps dry and neglected neck skin with moisture

Personal Tech Neck Story

The team from StriVectin have shared with us this personal video story, featuring beauty guru Marya Maquillage. Here, Marya talks us through how 'Tech Neck' is caused, and her favorite ways to stop it in its tracks...

Our Story

In true SkinStore style, our beauty team have been trying out the range of products, because lets face it - we're technology obsessed just like the rest of the nation. And as that means I have personally been trying them out too, I thought I'd share my thoughts on my favorite product from this Tech Neck range, which is the StriVectin TL Advanced™ Tightening Neck Cream

Firstly, I don't have overly noticeable neck lines or sagging, but I do have a little bit of excess skin from my chin to my neck that I'd rather it not be there. My neck also has a few crease lines, clearly brought on more quickly now that I'm constantly on my smartphone. I decided to use it properly too - which includes both daily and nightly on clean, dry skin.

The texture is lovely, and the rich cream melts into the neck skin quickly, absorbing smoothly and leaving a soft, moisturized feel. Honestly, it's really nice to pay this much attention to your neck. Just doing this twice a day made me realize how much I neglect it. Within a few days, my skins surface felt hydrated and that little bit more tighter and supple. The cream is said to restore a more sculpted look and youthful contour, in which I could certainly feel signs of from the first few days. And then, when around 10 days passed, I started to see the results too. Just a touch more definition to the skin under my chin, joining my neck. It just looked a little more toned, and felt that bit more firmer when I touched the skin.

The cream aims to provide a tightening lift over time, with it's improved anti-gravity resistance and powerful blend of active ingredients.

With a bit of help from StriVectin, I think we can safely say there's a way to start looking after and preventing that dreaded 'Tech Neck'!

Head over to to explore the entire StriVectin range

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Writer and expert
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