What is the Multi-Masking Skincare Trend?

There is a new beauty trend sweeping Instagram, and it’s by far one of the smartest skincare tricks we’ve seen this year. Introducing Multi-Masking: emerged from social media, delivering exceptional skincare results.

You may have come across this colorful beauty trend via the world of #selfies. It is basically taking face masking to new, multi-purpose (and multi-colored) heights, involving a strategic application of multiple masks, and applying them across different zones of your face. And all at one time! Although displaying your multicolored face seems an odd thing to ‘show off’ on Instagram, the technique itself actually makes real beauty sense.

If you think about it, each area of your face will require something very different from a mask. Your nose doesn’t suffer the same problems as your cheeks, and your jawline can differ greatly from your forehead.

For us, our current favorite multi-masking obsession lies within Astara’s collection. Overall, they have 6 skin treating masks, all in fresh pastel shades of white, green and blue. There’s no frightening mask looks here- in fact they actually look really pretty!

Multi-Masking Tips:

  • If your T-zone tends to be oily or spotted with blackheads, limit the application of a decongestant and skin-refining clay mask to your forehead, nose and chin.
  • Where any spots are present, or in those areas you regularly get spots, apply a blemish-targeting treatment mask.
  • For dry areas, smoothing a moisture mask rich in hyaluronic-acid or vitamin-C will help to rehydrate and plump.
  • If you’re concerned about the lack of elasticity around your jawline and neck, a lifting and tightening treatment will work wonders to firm.
  • For dark under eyes, finish with alight layer of lightening, brightening and moisturizing mask under the eye area to target any fine lines and dehydration.

Multi-Masking Tutorial:

  1. Treating Dull, Aging Skin

    For aging skin skin that looks tired and dull, a nourishing mask is ideal for 'the base'. Astara's Nourishing Vitamin Mask contains a blend of hydrating botanicals, natural phospholipids, vitamins and essential oils to revitalize and regenerate the skin, making a great all-over base. Apply this white base to your face as per the image, leaving any blemish prone areas blank. For a bit of 'dot therapy', dab Astara's Blue Flame Purification Mask onto the cheeks and forehead, where spots may appear. This anti-bacterial mask draws out impurities and deeply extracts and purifies open pores.
  2. Treating the Forehead, Cheeks and Jawline

    The forehead, nose, upper cheeks and jawline are all prone to different skin concerns, therefore using this 'stripe' method is extremely beneficial. Firstly, use Astara's Activated Sea Mineral Mask to gently exfoliate the skin while delivering vital nutrition. By applying this to the upper third of the face, those stubborn forehead lines benefit cellular renewal and increased circulation. The cheeks and nose area will benefit from the Blue Flame Purification Mask, due to it's blemish attacking ingredients. The jawline responds really well to the Astara Green Papaya Nutrient Mask, as this green colored mask is gentle enough for more sensitive skin types, and has exceptional skin refining properties.
  3. Treating Blemish Prone Skin

    Blemish prone skin benefits from the Blue Flame Purification Mask applied all over the face as the main 'base'. The herbal and plant substances infused into the light blue mask gives incredible anti-microbial benefits, whilst deeply extracting and purifying pores. To infuse some hydration and gentle exfoliation, apply a dab of the Green Papaya Nutrient Mask to the tops of the cheeks right the way up to the temples. The combination of the blue and green will fight those pesky breakouts, along with revealing brightened, renewed skin.

For more face mask inspiration and other skin-loving treats, check out’s dedicated Skincare page, which offers every possible product you need for that healthy complexion.



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