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The Story of Pai and Their Best Selling Rosehip Oil

The Story of Pai and Their Best Selling Rosehip Oil
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The award-winning Pai Rosehip oil has become a staple product in many people’s skin care regime- and for good reason! The vegan, cruelty free facial oil is a blend of Rosehip fruit oil and Rosehip seed extract; which are used to enhance the skin’s vitality to leave you with firm, supple and radiant skin. But who are Pai and what can their Rosehip oil do for you? SkinStore gives you the lowdown on this little skin hero.

What are Pai's best products?

Pai is a British brand whose aim is to utilise sustainable, high-performance vegan and cruelty free plant ingredients in all of their products. The name ‘Pai’ originates from the Maori word meaning ‘goodness’- and that’s exactly what this brand is based on- providing luxury products that are full of the world’s purest organic ingredients.

Pai’s best-selling products include their legendary Rosehip Bioregenerate oil, Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating cleanser, Chamomile & Rosehip calming day cream and their Lotus & Orange blossom BioAffinity tonic. All of these high-performance skin care products are perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Every one of their ingredients are certified organic, vegan, cruelty free and derived from sustainable plant sources to ensure that they’re providing the purest skin care without compromises.

What is Pai Rosehip oil?

The Pai Rosehip oil is Pai’s best-selling facial oil. Consisting of a unique blend of organic ingredients, including sustainably sourced Rosehip fruit and seed oil, the Pai Rosehip oil helps to increase the skin’s natural healing abilities as well as boosting vitality.

How does the Pai Rosehip oil work?

The Pai Rosehip oil works to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, as well as improving the appearance of dry patches, blemishes and fine lines. The fruit oil is rich in trans-retinoic acids which encourage the skin’s natural healing process and renew elasticity. The Pai Rosehip oil can also be mixed with a body lotion to act as a soothing and healing after sun and reduce the harmful effects of UV damage.

How to use the Pai Rosehip oil:

  • Apply 2-3 drops of the oil on clean, slightly damp skin (or body!) at night before bed.
  • Thoroughly massage into the skin until fully absorbed.

Great for those with even the most sensitive skin; the Pai Rosehip oil is a must-have addition to your skin care regime for nourished skin and a clear, even complexion.



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