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International Women’s Day: Meet Katrina Goh at FOREO

Today is International Women’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to speak with some of the beauty industries most fantastic women?

We’re running a series today in which we explore what truly inspired some of the beauty industries top movers and shakers to become where they are today. As  the #BeBoldForChange campaigns kicks off in full swing today, we wanted to hear the thoughts of the women we are inspired by everyday.

First up is Katrina Goh, Head of Marketing Communications at FOREO – the silicone facial cleansing device which has taken the world by storm.

Question: What encouraged you to be where you are today?

When I was younger I took a personal growth program that a connection recommended to me – it was challenging yet inspirational and from that I learnt the importance of setting a vision for myself about what I want my life to look like today, tomorrow and years into the future. I learnt that setting personal and career goals should be about beating my own benchmarks and nobody else’s. From there, by working hard with that whatever goal I had in mind I was able to create my own future and literally step into it. I’ve always have a clear idea of what my next role or growth experience will be and then make sure that my daily actions count towards making that happen.

Question: What has been your proudest career achievement?

Developing a marketing team of strong young females who all share a similar entrepreneurial spirit. I feel extremely proud to be able to lead such a dynamic group who are all motivated by their own career goals and are excited to work alongside like-minded individuals. Being able to see my team grow, change and adapt to the crazy nature of the ever-changing beauty industry is so very rewarding. I’m honored to be able to guide them not only in their day-to-day work but also provide them opportunities to work on projects that will help advance them in their own career trajectory.

Question: Who is your biggest female inspiration?

I don’t just have one, so I’ll name a few that stand out for me – Margaret Zhang from Shine by Three, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl, Beth and Tessa MacGraw from MACGRAW. What they all have in common (besides being Australian), is that they started small but consistently worked hard to achieve their dreams and now are experiencing international success. I’ve followed their journeys for years and being able to follow their stories and experiences keeps me motivated and inspired to persevere even when I feel like I’ve hit a roadblock.

Question: In your opinion, what makes a woman beautiful?

Confidence and conviction that shines through in everything she does – from the the way she communicates to other people, to the way she holds herself in a team meeting. Being able to express your opinion clearly and being able to carry yourself about with integrity is something that makes someone more beautiful than say always having fresh dewy skin, the chicest haircut and killer nails – though those would be all amazing to have too.

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