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Rodial Bee Venom and Dragon’s Blood Beauty

Rodial Bee Venom and Dragon’s Blood Beauty
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Rodial has always been one step ahead in the beauty game. Launching 16 years ago, founder Maria Hatzistefanis had one main aim: to produce unique, original products. With best-selling lines such as the Bee Venom Day Cream, Dragon's Blood Mask and the iconic Snake Serum, Maria has been labelled the inventor of the 'bottled face-lift'. As fans ourself here at SkinStore, we're putting it down to these shocking names, cutting-edge anti-wrinkle formulations and ground-breaking ingredients.

From day one I always knew that I wanted to make original products, I didn’t want to copy anyone else - Maria Hatzistefanis

Age-defying lotions and skin-plumping potions are all the rage today, but it's not often you'll find a brand which uses the most terrifying creatures to promote itself. Rodial's continued results from its products has lead the brand to be praised for introducing 'liquid face-lifts', using synthetic venom and tree sap to do so. Rodial also have an extremely strong and loyal customer fan base, consisting of the likes of Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Kylie Minogue.


So whats the wow factor with this intriguing brand? And what exactly is the story behind these eye-catching product names? We've broke it down for you to see what it's all about...

Dragons BloodDon't be alarmed- there isn't any actual Dragons Blood infused in the products (obviously!). This unique ingredient has been sourced a much more natural way, with all its benefits highlighted below:

  • Dragon’s Blood is a bright red resin from a tree native to the Canary Islands and Morocco.
  • The sap has been used for medicinal purposes since the times of the Roman Empire. Its main property is to help take down redness and irritation.
  • Rodials Founder Maris loved the name, which helped develop the unusual name for the products
  • The Dragons Blood products are most loved for plumping up the skin, which has lead to them being marketed as an alternative to dermal fillers
  • With added peptides and hyaluronic acid, the Dragon’s Blood range has become a bestseller, making it suitable for anyone concerned with skin hydration, redness, loss of volume and protection.

There was a gap in the skincare market for a product that offered an alternative to cosmetic surgery. Nobody was making products like that. - Maria Hatzistefanis

Bee VenomAlthough Bee Venom can sound a little scary, it was actually brought along to Rodial's product range due to a high volume of requests from customers. Mainly targeted for mature skin, the range is loved for the following factors:

  • The Bee Venom products feature a unique blend of Bee Venom, Stem Cells and award-winning peptide technology.
  • The high-performance products are suited to anyone looking for an advanced and active leading technology skin care range targeting the multiple signs of advanced aging.
  • Plumping agents smooth the appearance of fines lines, hyaluronic acid provides intensive hydration and plant stem cells give an overall more youthful appearance.

Snake VenomThe brand’s love affair with edgy names actually began with the launch of the Snake Serum, back in 2010. The main ingredient in the Snake Serum products is a synthetic venom, called 'syn-ake', which performs the same way as viper venom.

  • Syn-ake Dipeptide: Reduces expression lines and wrinkles. Inspired by the potent effects of the temple viper snake's venom.
  • Liposomes work to fill lines instantly whilst a ground-breaking oxygen carrier boosts glow and radiance for fresher looking skin with a 3D plumping effect
  • The products also infuse Sodium Hyaluronate, which gives long lasting hydration
  • Gransil is added to give the effect of a built-in skin primer, blurring fine lines and uneven skin texture.
  • Pomegrante extract: Gives protection from free radical damage


One of the most recent celebrities to join the fan club for Rodial is no other than Kylie Jenner, who has shared her love for Dragon's Blood. If it's good enough for Kylie Jenner (and Kate Moss, as mentioned above!) then it's good enough for us!

Aside from the fantastic properties across the Dragons Blood, Bee Venom and Snake Venom products, Rodial also retail an extensive array of other collections too.  With the Stem Cell Super Food and Super Acids range adding to the portfolio, there’s a variety of choice, with each product range packed with powerful ingredients. Check out the full range here.

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