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The Solution for Loss of Firmness

The Solution for Loss of Firmness
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The problem

As we age, collagen depletes and our assets can become "unglued". Complexions begin to lose their squeeze resulting in dull, dry, aging skin. find chemistry

The solution

There's a positive correlation between collagen levels and a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids (fish oils and flax seed oils), vitamin D and a lot of plant protein (soy protein, nut butters and hummus dip). Ditch the doughnuts, as sugar attaches itself to collagen and weighs it down.

On average, we produce around 1% less collagen in our skin each year, so we need to replace that and keep our levels 'topped up'. For this you need easily-absorbed. seriously hydrating formulations like the pre-soaked Lift & Plump Sheet Mask by Lancer Skincare and Perricone MD's Re: Firm Skin Smoothing Treatment.

Lancer SkinCare's Lift & Plump Sheet Mask was exclusive to Dr. Lancer's Beverly Hills clinic for about five years before it became available to the wider public last year (due to intense demand).

"It's used in our famous Lancer Signature Red Carpet Flash Facial to pamper skin before a big event," explains Dr. Lancer. "The sheet mask provides essentially a super-infusion of vitamins, collagen, and oxygen, which the skin drinks up.  The complexion is immediately lifted, rejuvenated, hydrated and glowing" - doesn't that sound wonderful?

This juicy mask is infused with apple stem cells which help to protect skin from oxidative stress that causes the skin to lose elasticity and suppleness, while palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 works to support collagen of the skin for a lifted, firming effect.

Not only is it intensely therapeutic, the Lift & Plump Sheet Mask is actually seen as a status symbol, especially for Lancer clients from China, Indonesia, Korea and Japan.  They're so proud of the fact that they have access to this special mask, and often refuse to take the sheet off after the treatment, continuing to shop as usual on Rodeo Drive with it still on!

Speaking of dashing doctors, Dr. Perricone will also troubleshoot loss of elasticity. His Re: Firm Skin Smoothing Treatment is designed to address visible signs of aging - specifically the youthful suppleness once had but now gone, missing skin density and compromised skin texture. This potent treatment helps skin to remember its youthful form with innovative technology that mimics skin's own regenerative compounds using dermal stim factors, a proprietary matrix-forming complex that improves skin's resiliency.

What begins life as a smooth solid in its jar, instantly transforms into a luxurious serum upon skin contact, creating a micro-wrapping barrier of powerful anti-aging actives that conform to the face and trigger the skin's re-forming process.

Better together

Get your spring back with this power couple. Loved by the glitterati, both Lancer Skincare and Perricone MD will give you everything you need for extra bounce.

Enjoy the Lancer SkinCare's Lift & Plump Sheet Mask the night before, and enjoy the Re: Firm Skin Smoothing Treatment the morning after, post-cleanse.

Discover skin as plump and juicy as a ripe peach!

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SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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