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5 Ways to Drop a Hint about your Wish List

5 Ways to Drop a Hint about your Wish List
SkinStore Editors
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You've worked hard this year, juggling the expectations of many, so you've really earned the T3 SinglePass X Straighteners, the FOREO Holiday Cleansing Collection, or some other luxury gift. But how do you subtly let your other half know what you want and deserve this Holiday season?

1. Leave your wish list out 'by mistake'

Graciously let your partner know what you want by leaving your wish list out for him or her to 'find'. Keep your last visited page right there on the iPad or desktop, or leave behind a printed version of your list in the printer.

You could even put your list on the fridge for a whole day. Later on, be all "Totally meant to put the grocery shopping list up on here, silly me" and replace it.

2. Keep up with the Joneses

Come back from visiting your neighbours and casually say something along the lines of "So Ryan totally told me what he's getting Amber this year, only a SkinCeuticals collection! I mean wow, what a great husband, I would just love that. Anyway I better get dinner ready."

There's always unspoken competition with the neighbours, and your spouse will always want to win.

3. Complain about old stuff

OK so you're supposed to be thankful this season, but you can be tactful too. Make sure the kids are out of earshot and then scapegoat 'em like this:

"Dammit I think Gretchen's been borrowing my make-up brushes for her art project again. I'll get her some real brushes as a gift, and I'll just keep using these old, tattered ones. Anyway I better go do the laundry."

4. Call in help

What if you got your husband a really big present, like a telescope, and then a medium present, like a coffee machine, and then lots of little presents, like grooming treats, but he just got you one average-sized gift? Of course it's the thought that counts, but you don't want to make him feel bad.

The problem is men in particular usually don't know where to start with holiday shopping. Get your friend or sister to buzz your boyfriend or husband and set the bar - "Just checking in! How's your shopping going? Because I know you have some GREAT presents coming your way!"

5. Accidentally-on-purpose e-mail your wish list across

Send a detailed edit of all all your favorite gifts, for example in a spreadsheet, to your other half with Subject Line: My Christmas List 2016.

In the body of the e-mail, make out like it was meant for someone else and then around five minutes after sending it, send another nonchalant e-mail: "Sorry honey totally meant to send that to Mom... So work's crazy today, how are you?"

Sometimes you just have to spell it out.

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SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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