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A No-Mess SPF Mineral Foundation for the Perfect Spring Coverage

A No-Mess SPF Mineral Foundation for the Perfect Spring Coverage

Get the protection you need with the coverage you want this spring, with this amazing two-in-one mineral foundation and SPF. Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable Mineral Sun Protection SPF 50 is a wonderful combination product that will not only help you combat midday shine; it will also help keep you protected from the dangers of UV rays.

Why do I need a mineral foundation?

The good thing about mineral foundation is that it binds to oil, not water, giving it a natural water-resistance. Traditional water-based cosmetics contain chemicals, oils and other additives that can irritate the skin, clog pores and cause breakouts.

Mineral foundation does not contain these same ingredients, and like we said, because it binds to oils and not water, this gives it a water-resistance and doesn’t seep through the pores!

This sheer, lightweight mineral foundation is an easy-application product, with a mineral powder that comes through the brush bristles, making afternoon touch-ups a breeze. And with its matte-based formula, this is sure to stop shine in its tracks!

We also love this product because it provides non-irritating, UVA and UVB protection delicate enough for your face, with an SPF of 50. This is perfect for travel, with its no-mess packaging and easy application. Throw it in your purse, keep it in your makeup bag, or toss it into a backpack or beach bag for shine-free SPF protection at your fingertips.



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