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Vichy: The Power of Mineral Water

Vichy: The Power of Mineral Water
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Some look to science or chemicals for the answer to beautiful skin. However, some go that step further and look into nature - and that's something we love to see here at SkinStore. One of our favorite stories comes from French beauty brand Vichy, who proudly hold the title as the number 1 anti-aging brand in European Pharmacies.

Since its creation in 1931 by Dr Haller, Vichy offers clinically proven skincare products that maximizes skin health whilst strengthening the skin at the same time. This is helped along with the discovery of Mineralizing Thermal Water from the French Volcanoes - proving that utilizing nature's finest can create the most incredible beauty benefits. Who knew that thermal water fresh from the volcanoes could create such a leading skincare line?



The Story

Vichy is a French city that harbors the world’s richest water, only available at the city’s volcano. As you can see, it made sense to take the brand name from this city. Each water drop of Vichy Thermal Water includes 15 different minerals that fortify and enrich the skin. When mixed with naturally inspired ingredients,  the formulas are fortifying, regenerating, and rebalancing, as the Thermal Water is more energetic and healthier than normal water.

To get an idea of the journey and path this magical water takes on before appearing in our favorite Vichy products, there's an insightful video below which tells the tale with some fantastic visuals. The Vichy water begins with rain water that fell more than 2,600 years ago, 50 kilometers away from Vichy. Slowly infiltrating through, it comes in contact with an extraordinary diversity of rocks, and charges itself with 15 minerals and mineral nutrients essential to skin’s beauty along the way. It is then that it is drawn deep from the source and integrated into the products...

  • Born in the French Volcanoes - A preserved region in the center of France
  • A millennial path through magmatic rocks - Vichy water travels at a 4,000 meters depth before it is pressured to 140°C and propelled to the surface
  • Charged in 15 minerals - Essential to skin’s beauty, they are contained in Vichy water in a diversity higher than other thermal waters.
  • Creates a source of strength for the skin - unmatched powers, scientifically proven by rigorous testing processes, for stronger skin.
  • High diversity of minerals - Vichy water contains the highest diversity of minerals among all French thermal waters. Your skin, like all your organs, needs minerals to carry out its proper functions, but cannot produce them by itself. That is why Vichy water’s properties are so important. Tests prove Vichy water’s superiority to regenerate and fortify skin.
  • Discover the minerals - just take a look below at the 15 key minerals infused in the water:

The story of how the incredible Vichy Thermal Water ends up in our products is an insightful one, but we also love to see a bit of a 'proof' video too - one which shows us how amazing something actually is. This is where we discovered the 'Stronger Skin Egg Proof' video, where the team at Vichy put two eggs to the test, to show how their water truly does create stronger, more resistant skin. Have a little watch yourself, and see what happens when two eggs are treated with standard water and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water over 6 days. It's a smart way of showcasing how when adding Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water to your skincare routine, it really can help you achieve stronger skin.

The Products

There are a number of popular products across Vichy's skincare range which feature the Vichy Thermal Spa Volcanic Water. Below, we've pulled together a hand-picked list of our favorite three products that are must-haves for healthy skin:

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream

This breakthrough moisturizer goes one step further in understanding skin dehydration. This rich cream is great to use for both day and night, intensely hydrating the skin. This reinvented Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream adapts to uneven water distribution to balance skin, leaving a healthy, fresh-faced complexion that lasts. It's formulated with revolutionary water circulation to distribute and lock water in all facial zones, balancing dry skin and targeting dry patches. It comes packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Aquabioryl™ too, to replenish the skin with water and reinforce skin’s natural protective barrier. It also has the added bonus of increasing radiance - which is a must for all skin types!

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Hydration For Dry Sensitive Skin

Similar in benefits to the Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream, this product builds an intense hydration for up to 48 hours and is designed for the most sensitive of skin types. Sensitive skin needs optimal hydration for its natural repair process, therefore this rich formula is packed with Vichy Thermal Spa Water and Hyaluronic Acid to provides continuous hydration and protection against daily aggressions. Although rich in formula, it feels lightweight on the skin, making it a pleasure to use twice a day.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa

This luxurious night cream allows you to bring home a piece of the Vichy Thermal Spa and experience the benefits of an intensive hydrating treatment. This convenient overnight formula treats the skin whilst you sleep to feel deeply hydrated, soothed and radiant after just one night. Inspired by the Vichy Thermal Spa, this ultra-comfortable, velvety sleep mask infuses the skin with hydration overnight, when skin is most receptive to treatments. Everyone wants to wake up to more supple skin, and by using this every night, you'll skin will start to reap the benefits of the  Hyaluronic Acid and Aquabioryl™. It also contains conditioning oils to provide intense overnight hydration, and of course, the fortifying and soothing Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

Aside from the Aqualia range, we also rate the Purete Thermale products very highly too, and have featured a number of our favorites below which make up an exceptional skincare regime:

    Whether you’re frustrated by acne, dry skin, wrinkles or age spots, or simply seeking the highest quality in daily skincare, the Vichy Products are an unbeatable addition to your skincare regime. They not only boast the wonderful properties of the patented Vichy Thermal Spa Water; they’re also well-stocked with botanical extracts and other healthful ingredients that, in combination, render a multi-functional skincare service. Take a look at our full range here for some serious healthy skin inspiration.

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