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Beauty for Girls who wear Glasses

I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but one day optical frames stopped being just utilitarian. Today, glasses are the chic accessory to a ballerina bun and a classic white shirt. Life is a little sweeter knowing that you don’t have to worry about contact lenses everyday, because wearing specs is kind of cool now.

But if you do choose glasses, there are some make-up techniques to take into consideration. We’ve listed them out for you.

  1. Pay Attention to Eyelashes
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    Pay Attention to Eyelashes

    Choose a volumizing mascara rather than a lengthening one, to avoid your lashes hitting the lenses. Go for something like Lashfood’s Conditioning Volume 3D which curls and intensifies lashes using a conditioning formula and an innovative wand shape.

    Eyelashes offer your eyes shade, by curling them upwards you allow more light to reach the eyes so they appear brighter behind the thick of your frames.

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  2. Avoid the Slip-and-Slide Motion
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    Avoid the Slip-and-Slide Motion

    Dust a little translucent powder across the bridge of your nose to absorb any excess oil and prevent your glasses from falling. The ‘Un’ Powder by RMS is ultra-fine and light reflecting, blending effortlessly into your skin.

    A sweep of this will also prevent your make-up from rubbing off onto your frames.

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  3. No Eye Make-up Rules
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    No Eye Make-up Rules

    It’s nice to opt for a thin slick of eyeliner with skinny frames, a thicker line with thicker frames, and winged eyeliner with cat frames, but these. are only guidelines.

    To make your eyes truly pop though, reach for an eyeshadow palette that will enhance your own specific color.


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  4. Detract from Dark Shadows
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    Detract from Dark Shadows

    The glass in your frames may emphasize under-eye discoloration, while the frames themselves can create unwanted shadows. Use a brightening concealer to lift the face – something like Laura Geller’s Baked Radiance Cream Concealer, a creamy, weightless formula that expertly camouflages dark circles.


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  5. Keep your Arches in Shape
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    Keep your Arches in Shape

    Specs will draw attention to your eyebrows, so groom the landscape regularly to frame the face and add structure.

    Turn to the Anastasia Beverley Hills Five Element Brow Kit for all your grooming needs. This travel-friendly set contains precision tweezers, a brow powder duo with brush and gel, as well as eyebrow stencils in five shapes so you can never go wrong.

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  6. Switch Up the Focus
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    Switch Up the Focus

    Glasses can merchandise impactful make-up that’s not limited to your eyes. Balance out feature frames by wearing a bold lip – this will de-emphasize colored or patterned specs.

    Any shade of Stila’s All Day Liquid Lipstick will look fabulous day or night, and keep them hydrated with a blend of avocado oil and vitamin E.


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