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SkinStore’s Facebook Q&A With Caudalie

We’re delighted to share with you our recent Live Facebook Takeover with Caudalie, the cutting edge French skincare line.

Known for their exceptional patented anti-ageing technology, Caudalie’s story starts in France in the late 90’s at the heart of a vineyard with a husband and wife, Mathilde & Bertrand Thomas. They strongly believe in using the best ingredients to develop beauty products that are not only effective but also natural and luxurious.

Earlier this week, Caudalie hosted the Live Facebook Q&A to answer all of your uncertainties on the brand – so here are a few of the top questions we’ve put together for you to make you Caudalie experts!

Question: I have tried your wonderful products & I love them! What should I use to reduce my pore size?

Try our Detox mask! It’s a vacuum for the pores, and great for all skintypes and ages.

Question: What can help the dryness and also be antiaging to the skin? My skin is Sensitive.

Layering a serum and a cream will help to protect your skin the best. I would recommend Premier Cru Elixir followed by Premier Cru Cream Riche. Warm into your hands and press into skin.

Question: I am using Caudalie Lift Soft cream now and have a question! It really does lift and plump skin but I'm finding it hard to apply makeup! Should I be layering it with a moisturizer or something else?

Make sure to use a toner for a clean canvas underneath, and a little Resveratrol Lift Soft Cream goes a long way!


Question: I'm 55 and my skin is a little dry now with winter, what products do would you recommend for me? I also have fine lines around my eyes and mouth.

We recommend Resveratrol Lift Eye Balm for the eye and lip contour, then apply our Resveratrol Lift Firming Serum to the whole face!


Question: How long does it typically take to see effects from the Resveratrol Lift Soft Cream?

You will see results after 7 days.

Question: What skincare ingredients should I avoid for acne-prone skin?

Avoid heavy mineral oils and anything that clogs skin!

Question: Could you recommend any products from your line that could be used by pregnant women?

Everything minus the overnight oils, glycolic mask, and Vinoperfect Night cream!

Question: Which products from Caudalie make great gifts for the Valentine's day?

We LOVE this question! Divine Oil is a perfect gift…

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