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Say it With Flowers This Mother’s Day

Say it With Flowers This Mother’s Day
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A thoughtful message written in a Hallmark card is a nice touch, but Mom deserves more. Why not say it with flowers? And we don't mean tulips or peonies, we're talking about luxurious skin and hair care jam-packed with ingredients such as honeysuckle, lily bulbs, roses and more.

Botanicals, florals and their extracts have been used as natural healing treatments for centuries. Even in today's scientifically advanced beauty sphere, the potency of flowers has stood the test of time.


The magnolia is a majestic plant generally celebrated for its leaves' resistance and shine. The botanical experts at Klorane extract the moisturizing and protective wax from the cuticle of magnolia leaves, and have previously tested its ability to penetrate hair with a brilliant shine. It's almost as though magnolia wax was made for the hair, as it attached itself to our hair shafts and delivers superior shine.

Designed to transform lacklustre hair, Klorane's hair care with magnolia envelopes individual strands to nourish them and restore their natural protective film. A very special combo of magnolia wax and an exclusive shine activating complex close and smooth hair cuticles, and help refract light.

The result? Sleek, smooth, glossy hair that radiates! This edit is just right for the Mom who needs a little lustre.

White Lillies

The beautiful white lily, which grows in Western Asian and the Mediterranean regions, has a longstanding history of providing therapeutic properties to treat myriad diseases and disorders. It's an astringent herb that has been known to help heal damaged and irritated skin and because it's moisturizing and loaded with antibacterial properties, it's a great ingredient in hand care where hygiene is everything!

Luxury British beauty brand Molton Brown add opulence to white lily bulb extract in the Gingerlily hand care collection, where enriching Polynesian tamanu nut oil and warm aromas of ginger and cardamom impart an exotic and bewitching scent.

Together, these products are an ideal gift for the Mom whose hands are overworked.


The rose has a time-honored history of therapeutic benefits - just what Mom needs! The multifaceted flower offers many skin care benefits too.

In Africa, the roses are perhaps the jewel of Morocco's botanical crown. The exquisite petals are usually distilled into Moroccan rose oil but for context, it takes tens of thousands of rose blossoms, which are picked as they unfold around sunrise, to yield just 1 ounce of rose essential oil - beauty with a backstory.

Moroccan rose oil is suitable for all skin types, high in emollient, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent benefits, can refine skin texture, seriously moisturize, help acne and calm the nerves. Select from REN's Morrocan Rose collection to really treat her.

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SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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