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How to Celebrate 4th July

Happy Independence Day! Today is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our nation’s birthday in true 4th July style. It’s a day to appreciate political freedom, and a day to proud of everything that America has to offer. It’s appreciated with lots of parties, food and general good times, with endless ways to celebrate this iconic day.

Some traditional American activities include hot dog and watermelon eating competitions (watching them or taking part – take your pick!), but you’ll probably find yourself leaning towards watching the magnificent firework displays, or getting involved in a good old game of baseball.

If you’re in need of some 4th July celebration inspiration today, then we’ve got you covered with some themed ideas:

Patriotic Cocktails
If you would much prefer a go at playing host and watching the lit up sky from your own garden, then patriotic cocktail making is a must! Gather your friends and family together, nibble on some traditional American snacks, and introduce your guests to some red, blue and white tipples. A popular one is the traditional ‘Stars and Stripes’ drink, which is created by combining Domaine de Canton liqueur, Aperol and Grapefruit Beer (or use Ginger Beer if you can’t find this!). Add in a shot of Blue Curaco to give it that bold blue finish. Muddle together with ice to water it down, or have it straight up for an extra kick.

Independence Day BBQ
Although there will be so many American Smokehouses’ serving up the best sizzling foods, why not attempt to bring some smokin’ southern influences to your own garden? Arm yourself with a meat shrine to impress all your guests – from chicken wings, smoked briskets and extra large hot dog sausages. On the fruit side, gather together an abundance of patriotic colored fruits, such as blueberries and strawberries, served in white bowls. The beauty of running your own American themed BBQ is that you can decorate your garden with pretty flags, ensuring color scheme straws are popped into all the drinks, with a playlist of our American music heroes blasting from the speakers. Perfect!

Themed Picnic
For a quieter, more civilized celebration, why not head off to the local park with your partner (or children) and tuck into an old-fashioned picnic? Some outdoor dining favorites can include filling a basket – or food bags if you don’t have one – with fried chicken, potato salads, lemonade, mini burgers and a home-baked apple pie. Lay out your brightest and boldest American flag blanket, and find a spot which ideally has some lovely local views. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as spending the 4th July with good company, good food, and appreciating your hometown.

Bake Off
Roll out the red, white and blue patriotic and festive desserts. There’s no time like Independence Day to indulge in delicious sweet treats, and its the perfect celebration to get a little more creative with your baking. Whether you decide to indulge in a 4th July BBQ, picnic or party, a themed cake will really be the icing on the cake (no pun intended!). From flag sponge cakes and cupcakes to strawberry pies and American triffles, the dessert table will be the one everyone is excitedly heading to!

Now that you have a few celebratory ideas, get ready to rock that patriotic vibe with some beauty tips and products to see you through the day. Channel your inner Miss America with some festive beauty treasures, keeping that Americana spirit alive from noon til’ night…


  1. Flash The Flag
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    Flash The Flag

    Perfect for any type of party you’re attending, change up your usual black mascara and switch to a striking blue. Blue lashes are great for helping blue/green/brown eyes stand out, and create a real party effect. If you didn’t want to go overboard with an American flag inspired outfit, it’s much easier to incorporate the colors into your party makeup. Simply layer up lashes with Blinc’s Dark Blue Mascara, and line your eyes with their striking white eyeliner pencil too. You can also get super arty and draw some stars onto your eyes/cheeks with the eyeliner too!

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  2. Get Lippy
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    Get Lippy

    So you don’t really need an excuse to rock a red lip (in our opinion!), but in case you do, now is your chance. Embrace the love for the patriotic red shade by sporting your brightest and boldest red pout. No matter how you may be spending your day or evening, keep a trusty long-lasting lippy to hand, such as Lipstick Queen’s Metal Red lipstick. It’s enriched with a nourishing blend of antioxidant-rich vitamin E and apricot kernel oil to protect and condition your lips, whilst allowing for smooth application.

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  3. Stay Protected
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    Stay Protected

    It’s Summertime, and no Summer party is complete without piling on the sunscreen. During Independence Day, there will be so many tempting parties and celebrations taking place outdoors, so ensure your skin is protected all day by regularly topping up your SPF. We recommend applying one of the highest factors at the beginning of the day, and re-applying throughout when needed. Keep a specialist product to hand such as Jurlique’s Sun Specialist SPF 40 High Protection Cream. If you are having your own party, make sure your guests are fully protected too!

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  4. Shimmer in Style
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    Shimmer in Style

    The sun’s rays are bound to be hot, and there’s no doubt you’ll be outdoors for the majority of the day. Keep cool at the same time as keeping sweat at bay, by investing in a shimmery cooling spray. This Sun Serious Cooling Spray in Bronze by Hampton comes in a gorgeous bottle and offers an array of benefits. As well as having a fresh light scent and golden glimmer, it cools and hydrates the skin with it’s natural ingredients (including Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Vitamins A through E).

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  5. Scrub Away the Day
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    Scrub Away the Day

    After a long day and night of celebrations and laughter, ensure all traces of your busy day are removed before bed. Make-up, dirt, grime and sweat are all completely removed with the help of our favorite FOREO cleansing devices, which come in a range of super cute colors and styles. We may be a little bit biased today for including the FOREO Luna in baby blue (patriotic colors and all), but this facial cleansing device for combination skin is fantastic for providing deep yet gentle cleansing, leaving your complexion looking clearer, brighter and healthier.

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However you celebrate, we would like to wish all of you the best Independence Day, from all of the team at SkinStore!



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