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6 NYE Party Makeup Looks To Try

6 NYE Party Makeup Looks To Try
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New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to go a little crazier and daring when it comes to applying makeup. That shiny pot of glitter that's been tucked away in your drawer can finally show it's shimmering face.

Don't worry - if you’re not normally the type to layer up lots of the sparkly stuff, we’ve put together a list of 6 key shimmering makeup ideas from some of the best makeup artists and beauty bloggers on Instagram. Each one shows how a bit of dramatic color and sparkle can work for you, or how to adapt it to suit your own look.

Whether you wish to opt for a subtle sheen or full-on disco ball glamour, here are the looks to get you countdown ready for NYE.

Beauty Is Boring

Beauty Is Boring is responsible for creating many striking make-up looks, showcasing them on a range of different faces so we can all relate. This latest look is one we've taken very seriously, in terms of gorgeous party make-up. It's simply a case of blending up a smokey, shimmery deep eye and pairing it with a sweet cherry red lip. Combine with a fresh dewy foundation and lashings of mascara.


One of our all-time favorite cosmetic brands - bareMinerals - has taken to Instagram to share with us some gorgeous make-up looks. But it has to be their recent 'WCW' shot of Desi Perkins which has inspired us to play around with more muted, neutral looks.

The key to this particular party face is to use a warming peach blush on the apples of the cheeks, a creamy nude lipstick, and lots of natural browns layered onto the eyelid, finishing off with brightening white.

Laura Geller

This warming, bronzed and glowing look is just divine! Although the eyes for this Laura Geller look may appear a little intricate, it's actually super easy to replicate, with the help of some rich bronze eye shadows and a silver/white shadow/liner for definition.

The key for this look is to layer up a golden glimmer as the highlighter to the tops of the cheeks, and keep the strong bronzed eye color above the eyelid crease. Fill the crease with shimmering silver...


This gorgeous look put together by Pixiwoo's focuses on the eyelashes - the bigger, the fluffier, the flirtier the better! Here, they have used dramatic false lashes, but make your own lashes the focus of your make-up look by enhancing your lashes to their maximum.

Start by applying a base powder onto the lashes - just a natural face powder will do. Then use the most lifting, plumping mascara and apply two coats. Line with a brown liner to really make eyes stand out, and finish with a pearlescent lip.

Jacyln Hill

Now this incredible party face look by make-up master pro Jaclyn Hill is just dreamy. It's all about the highlighter - the more gleam, the better. It's about creating that soft, glowing highlight that dazzles and reflects the light all night.

Use a cream highlighter first and blend this into your foundation. Then, when your party look is done, gently sweep on a finishing coat of highlighter, ideally a pearl shade. Keep eyes a rich terracotta shade, with light tan contour and nude lip.


During Christmas and New Year, a little glitter inspiration never hurt anymore. The eyelids above as shown by Belle Jordan show how pretty a peach, bronzed built up eye color can look when decorated with glitter.

We recommend using loose glittering pigment eyeshadow to create a glittery effect, so it's not too messy or 'tacky'. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are definitely the brand to go to for glittering pots of high pigment product. Just layer up to your hearts content!

For a full range of party make-up inspiration, check out the stunning range of cosmetics available at

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Writer and expert
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