Elemis Question and Answers: Everything You Need to Know

We just had a Live Q&A with Elemis! What’s so exciting about that? We’ve just launched Elemis’ Superfood line on SkinStore! The Elemis Superfood line is full of amazing vegan skincare items that deliver fantastic results!

We knew you’d have questions, so we set up a Live Q&A with Elemis to answer your heart’s most burning questions, and here’s what they said!


Question: What's a good product to use for acne scars?

“The complete Pro-Collagen range of products are fantastic for minimising [sic] scars by filling the dents in the skin and puffing the skin. If you are a first timer to Elemis I would start with this kit and our exfoliator.”

Question: Are Elemis products safe to use while breast-feeding?

“Yes! This should be fine. If you have any concerns, definitely reach out to your OBGYN.”

Question: What Elemis product do I use around the eyes?

“We recommend our Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment or Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal, depending on if you like a thicker, creamy consistency for more nourishment or a lighter gel texture.”

Question: What superfoods are in the range?

“Our Superfood range is packed with sugergreens and supergrains! These include broccoli seed oil, flaxseed, and avocado oil to nourish and hydrate the skin!”

Question: What makes this superfood product line different from the rest?

“Superfood = Revitalise skin, for a healthy, glowing and fresh-faced look.

Balance and moisturize skin with anti-oxidant rich oils and a vitamin-packed Supergreen Complex.

Contains superfoods: foods which are naturally rich in nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants, helping to feed skin exactly what it needs. They replenish and hydrate the skin with vital, high potency nutrients. This line is vegan-friendly and helps promote good microflora on the skin, helping to protect the microbiome and skin barrier, leaving skin feeling nurtured, balanced and soothed.”

Question: What are the benefits of using the facial oil?

“Facial oils have many benefits. They are hydrating, repairing, deep cleansing, and depending on the formula, easily absorbed into the skin. Make sure you are using an oil with a base from botanical-based ingredients. Try Superfood Facial Oil with 9 concentrated superfood oils. It’s 100% natural.”

Question: How can we protect the microbiome, what product is best for this?

“The microbiome can be protected by not stripping your skin with harsh cleansers, detergents like soap or alchol [sic], but there are many factors, sun, polution [sic], antiobiotics [sic], travel and very dry environments can all strip aware this delicate healthy bacteria form [sic] the surface of the skin. Protect it by moisturizing with skin healthy ingredients and replenish by using a pre-biotic in your products like Elemis superfood range!

Question: How are you products tested?

“We host extensive consumer trials on every product.”

Question: Should I mix the oil with the night cream? Or layer one after the other?

“You can mix, but it’s better and more effective to layer!”

Question: What products are best for dry, aging skin?

“Our Pro Collagen Line is excellent for this skin condition, adding a facial oil too will combat the dryness, try also any of our facial oils like the Pro Collagen [sic] Marine Oil.”



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