The Stiletto Survival Kit

Do you wear high heels? Have a hankering for a stiletto now and then? Do you pay the price later with blisters and sore aching feet? Join the pity party me too! but I love my high heel fix now and then.
In all seriousness, there is a reason why foot petals are sold at shoe stores and drugstore alike, usually near the checkout line, simply put; shoes can wreak havoc on our feet. To provide relief the Foot Petals Stiletto Survival Kit offers a variety of solutions to keep your barking dogs at bay (did I just date myself?). To get all of the details of what comes in the kit check it out on All of the Foot Petal’s solutions are easy to use, they stay put and they really do provide comfort and cushion where needed, even for those open toed shoes and sandals!



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