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Working in the skin care industry has created a product connoisseur out of me! Starting from a regimen of never touching my face with anything but water, to testing a bunch of different products and eliminating those I didn’t like to being able to find some products that suited my picky, sensitive skin. My favorite? La Roche Posay!
Recently we had an up close and personal with the usual La Roche Posay products, as well as some updates for the product line. To my surprise, I was very pleased with the information I encountered. I happen to be the stubborn, reactive skin type that never feels relieved or satisfied by the products I try on my face. On top of being very reactive, I also have an oily t-zone and we’ll just say many scattered sun kisses. During our updates we went over how the product line is safe for all skin types and especially sensitive. Going behind the brand name and into the details was very assuring and helpful. This is just a short version of the information we went over- La Roche Posay uses clinical testing on their products to ensure maximum efficacy and has been committed to dermatology for 30 years. All of their products are 100% hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, do not contain any potentially irritating fragrance or ingredients and all contain their famous, soothing thermal spring water. After the review I decided to put the products to the test to see if the results fit the descriptions.
I can testify that I can put full trust in La Roche Posay and that my skin will benefit. The products were not over bearing in scent or in texture. Those two elements are my key concerns. With daily use the products have not caused any negative reactions with my skin and I have seen improvements already after just a couple weeks. Usually in this case my skin becomes irritated, red and blemishes seem to make a consistent appearance. The products I liked the best and chose as my hero products to add to my skin regimen are the Derm AOX & Effaclar AI. So when you feel that at times there is no hope, keep looking! The best is always around the corner and my suggestion is to look within La Roche Posay.



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