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Making the Cut Count: Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Growth & Maintenance

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While hair growth can come from intensive treatments, we can also harken back to basics to ensure your locks are the healthiest, strongest, and of course, longest they have ever been. Here are the do's and don'ts of hair maintenance.

Do: Trim Your Hair Routinely

It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you want long hair that's actually healthy, you need to get regular trims. Haircuts themselves will not make your hair grow any faster. However, they do get rid of split ends that break your hair.

Don’t: Avoid Harsh Bleaching Sessions

If you’re a brunette, it may be better to forgo the platinum blonde look. Remember that to reach those extreme results, damage from the bleaching process can lead to more breakage or split ends.Same goes for other treatments or services that involve your hair going under an extreme: high heat damage from keratin, follicle changes from perms, and other services under those categories. The fewer chemical treatments, the better your hair will grow.

Don’t: Minimize Heat Styling

On the note of heat styling, we suggest limiting the usage, or frequency, of applying heat to your hair. By decreasing the temperature during use, distributing the heat (sit down dryers), and always using a heat protectant, you can minimize the potential damage your hair undergoes.
Conversely, in the warmer weather, you can always opt to air dry your hair with the right leave-in treatments, or anti-frizz oil, to minimize flyaways.

Don’t: Stop Daily Shampooing

No, we’re not saying to stop shampooing entirely, but to minimize the actual shampooing you do in a week. Removing excess oils and impurities is important for your hair’s natural oils to penetrate the scalp and then repair it over a reasonable, less sudsy wash cycle. But it doesn’t have to be every time you shower or every day of the week.

Do: Eat the Right Foods and Incorporate Vitamins

Strong hair doesn’t start at the scalp, it starts from within. Eating the right foods and adding the right vitamins and supplements can lead to stronger, healthier hair than just applying products to the hair strands. Increasing protein intake and taking vitamins that have biotin would give the extra boost you need.

Do: Rinse with Cold Water, and Brush Wet Hair Carefully

Whether you wash your hair hot or (preferably) cold, we suggest rinsing in cold water to seal the hair cuticle and strengthen the hair. Plus, it adds shine to your hair. On the subject of wet hair, if you want to get a head start on removing tangles, start at the scalp and make light, slow strokes outward to the ends of your hair strands with a wide tooth comb or Tangle Teezer. For a smoother process, a detangling leave-in conditioner will work wonders.

Do: Sleep On a Silk Pillowcase

Switching up your pillowcase can lead to silky hair in the morning. A pillowcase, or even better, a silk hair band will keep your hair intact and frizz free in the morning.
Not only is it luxurious to sleep on, it helps avoid tangles and breakage as you slumber.
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Writer and expert
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