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Get Your Skin Ready For Fall

Get Your Skin Ready For Fall

Welcome to Fall. The sun has slowly started to disappear, making the evenings rapidly creep up on our days. It’s also getting much colder- brrrr.

Along with these environmental changes, one other thing is for sure: your skin will start changing. And soon.

Warm indoor heating, cool outdoor weather, there are lots of small changes in the seasonal transition. Whilst the fall season isn’t the coldest of seasons, it certainly a warm-up for us for the upcoming Winter, and a newer approach to skincare can be needed.


From deeper make-up shades to cleansing gadgets, lets take a look at our recommended fall skin routine to ensure we’re all left glowing…

The Basics

During the warmer months, we tend to wear lighter products such as BB creams and hydrating lip balms. These products are perfect during the summer when the skin needs to breathe, and the only protection we really ought to worry about is SPF. The intense indoor heating we experience from September is  guilty for reducing the moisture levels in our skin, leading to dehydration. Stepping outside into cooler weather can also play havoc, causing cracking and chapped skin. A few key points to remember:

  •  It’s around your lips and eyes which have the most sensitive skin, therefore it’s beneficial to give these areas protection straight away. For the face, try using a mineral foundation that contains moisturizing ingredients; the minerals wont block your skin but the ingredients will help lock in essential moisture. The Illuminare Moisturzing Mineral Foundation is a great option, as it nourishes the skin and (importantly) contains SPF 20 too, Even when cloudy, the sun can penetrate through causing damage to the skin.
  • As for the lips and eyes, try Caudalie’s Polyphenols C15 Anti-Wrinkle Eye and Lip Cream, which will protect the skin against free radicals and prevent the formation of wrinkles; perfect to pop into your handbag for both a quick treatment.

Fall Colors

When fall arrives, it’s the perfect time to introduce a richer color palette of purples, deep browns and reds to echo the changing season.

  • The highly pigmented formula in the Lipstick Queen Cupids Bow selection is enriched with moisturizing ingredients to hydrate lips and boost radiance. The lipsticks also contains precious minerals for an intense conditioning boost.
  • Update your eyes with the Laura Geller Delectable Eye shadow Palette, containing 14 blend-able nude colors that can be used wet or dry (wet application is perfect for a heavier night time look). The browns and golds can be layered up for that intense, warming look.


As the air during Fall becomes drier, it’s a given that our skin becomes drier too. As previously mentioned, switching between the warm indoor heat and cold, windy weather only makes your skin more ‘parched’, in which thicker, richer moisturizer need to be used to keep your skin flake-free and hydrated.

  • Apply a rich moisturizer twice a day, but bear in mind that if you have very dry skin, moisturizing alone might not be enough. Instead, think about adding a serum to your skincare routine. Serums contain smaller molecules than moisturizers, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin, working lower into the dermis. They come packed with active vitamins and minerals to target specific skin problems (like ageing and dryness) leaving the skin more youthful and hydrated.
  • One of our favorites is the SkinCeuticals Serum 10, which instantly soothes and hydrates skin.  It’s an antioxidant treatment which protects against environmental aggressors, premature signs of aging, and stimulates collagen production. It’s also lightweight, fast-absorbing, and optimal for sensitive and acneic skin.


The lack of moisture around us during Fall/Winter makes our skin cells die quicker. This is why exfoliating is a real key step for our skincare routines. Once the dead skin cells are removed, your hydrating products – such as moisturizers and masques-  can penetrate into the skin without being stopped by a build up of dead skin cells.

  • For dryer skin, you can exfoliate up to 3-4 times a week depending on the strength of your exfolient.
  • Electrical exfoliators like the FOREO LUNA are great because you can use it alongside you favorite face wash, helping to lift dirt from the skin and provide an effective cleanse.



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