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Self Improvement Month: Inspiration from Rodial

Self Improvement Month: Inspiration from Rodial
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September has arrived, which means it's officially Self-Improvement Month. It's a month-long event, and here at SkinStore, we're strongly behind the meaning of this. We see it as a perfect opportunity to reflect on not only your life, but on yourself, and focus on the areas you personally feel need improving.


Us women can be our own worst enemies (and critics!), so it's no surprise that some of you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, thinking about all the ways we can improve. However, we're taking this month one step at a time, assessing each area we want to improve little by little. Most of us are guilty of focusing on only our weaknesses instead of our strengths, holding grudges on ourselves because we don't finish our to-do lists, we don't look after our skin properly, or we eat bad food when we feel stressed out.

Today's message is to step back, forgive yourself, and look at just one key area for today. For us, we're looking at our skincare and beauty habits first, and how we can educate ourselves to be more aware of our skins needs. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of inspiration from someone who really knows what they are talking about, which is why we have brought in an expert to shine some light on the topic of our own beauty, skincare and feeling good about our looks

I’m currently addicted to Rodials Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Serum and it’s completely transformed the look of my complexion- Jon Rummins, Rodial

We've brought in a professional from one of the world's beauty powerhouses, Rodial, to share with us some inspirational skincare 'goals' and first hand advice. Rodial is one of those brands which has a huge cult celebrity following as well as loyal, passionate customers. Their ground-breaking ranges, such as Bee Venom, Dragon's Blood and Super Acid X-treme wows the beauty world constantly, delivering exceptional results for our skin.

Meet Jon Rummins, International Trainer and Head of Education at Rodial and the first expert to kick off our series of motivational posts for Self-Improvement Month...

Jon Rummins Headshot
Q In your opinion, how has Rodial become such a specialist in skincare?
We have some of the most advanced formulas in the skincare industry, providing instant visible results and long term benefits. We offer innovative products which tackle specific skincare concerns. As well as providing powerful benefits, Rodial also offers luxurious, sleek packaging, with beautiful textures and fresh, uplifting fragrances. There is also something for everyone from the Rodial range, no matter what your age or skincare concerns – we have something for everybody!
Q What separates Rodial products from other brands?
At Rodial, we saw a niche in the skincare market for a ‘pro active’, positive approach to skincare. Rather than asking our clients what their skin type is, or age group, we deliver products which are focused on solving a problem for the client. For example, our Dragon’s Blood range will soothe and calm sensitivity, and the Super Acids range will lighten pigmentation. We also believe in standing out from the crowd, with eye catching, bold packaging and interesting, provocative names. We also have a strong brand identity with a chic and glamorous image, which reflects in our popular online following.  
Q Rumor has it a lot of A-List celebrities swear by Rodial. Who are they and what are they using?
Yes, we have many celebrity fans! Here are just a few…
  • Ellie Goulding – A fan of the entire range, specifically our Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks (posted on her Instagram)
  • Supermodel Jourdan Dunne loves our Glamoxy Snake Mask
  • Victoria Beckham and Britney Spears are both fans of our Airbrush Tan
  • Lady Gaga loves our best-selling Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel.
  • Dita Von Teese and Elle Macpherson are huge fans of our Glamoxy Snake Serum 
(SkinStore: Well, if it's good enough for VB!...) 
Q What are your personal top tips for healthy skin?
Firstly, cleansing is such a vital step in your routine and I always recommend our clients to perform a ‘double-cleanse’. A first cleanse to remove any makeup and pollution from the day and then a second to give the pores a deeper, thorough cleanse. As well getting a ‘squeaky clean’ feeling for the skin, all of your other products will work much more effectively. Also, an important one is always wear a high sunscreen, every day, all year round. Our SPF 30 X-Treme Dark Spot Sun Filter is lightweight and also helps to lighten any existing sun damage. I’m a huge fan of retinol-based products and really believe they deliver amazing results. Targeting everything from scarring, open pores and fine lines, retinol is one of the best ingredients for a perfect complexion. I find our Bee Venom Night particularly effective. Finally, remember a good diet is also so important don’t forget to eat all of your vegetables, leafy greens, berries, oily fish and nuts – and drinking plenty of water is a must!
Q What is the best part of working for Rodial?
Every day is completely different – one day I’ll be coaching our teams in store, then I could be working on a photoshoot. Every day is exciting and never the same! I also get to work with amazing products which I really believe in. A part of my role I enjoy the most is seeing other people discover how brilliant our brand is.
Q Dragons Blood, Bee Venom, Snake Venom…. why so scary?!
We often get asked that question! At Rodial, we believe in stranding out from the crowd and that includes having interesting and bold names and packaging. Our product names really draw attention from clients who then want to learn more about the brand and ingredients. Despite the fact that the names could sound scary to some, it’s just a fun play on words and our loyal clients love the fact that we’re different!
Q Of all the Rodial products, which is your very favourite?
My favourite products change all the time, depending on the needs of my skin. I’m currently addicted to the Dragon’s Blood XXL Sculpting Serum and it’s completely transformed the look of my complexion. Another one of my all-time favourites is our Bee Venom Cleansing Balm which has a beautiful texture and leaves your skin feeling amazing.
Q It’s currently Self-Improvement Month, and a lot of ladies who suffer low confidence look to plastic surgery and Botox to try to look better. I’ve heard Rodial had a start-up goal to find an ‘alternative to plastic surgery’. Do you think Rodial now offers this?
Although that used to be one of our focus’, as the brand has evolved, we’ve moved away from that now. Although our formula’s offer fantastic instant benefits and long-term results, our main focus now is treating our clients specific concerns, whether that could be fine lines, sensitivity, pigmentation or dryness – we have a solution for everyone!
Q For Self-Improvement Month, are there any areas in your life that you would like to improve?

Living in the city and having a busy job can be hectic and stressful! I often don’t have enough time to make it to the gym so I’d love to have some more time to focus on exercise... maybe that can be my Self Improvement Month aim!

Q Do you have any advice for ladies who feel they don’t look beautiful enough, or they don’t have the most ‘perfect’ skin and genuinely don’t feel confident with their own beauty?
I think everyone can suffer low self-esteem, especially with the way there’s such a big focus on social media at the moment. It’s very easy to compare yourself to others and want to achieve perfection. It’s important to remember that beauty comes from within and it’s all about feeling positive and comfortable in your own skin. No one is perfect, but I believe it’s important to make the most of what you have – everyone has a feature about themselves which they love, whether it’s your eyes, or hair. We need to focus more on the positive and feeling healthy and happy, rather than striving for perfection.
Q What is your personal favourite beauty tip you have picked up along the way?
Although a good skincare regime is super important, it’s also vital to get enough sleep. A good eight hours a night will work wonders for your skin, hair and general well-being so always make sure you have an early night!
Q What’s next for Rodial?
We have our amazing new Snake Moisturizer and Snake Eye Cream launching soon which both have ground-breaking formulas. We also have some super-exciting skincare launches on the horizon, but they’re still being perfected so I can’t disclose any details just yet!

Some lovely uplifting advice from Jon Rummins at Rodial, to kick start our Self-Improvement Month series. Now let us reach for that Dragon’s Blood XXL Sculpting Serum….

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