What Makes SkinStore A Great Place To Shop?

Besides the great prices, free shipping on orders over $49USD, and great customer support, there are a lot of fantastic features at SkinStore that make it a great shopping environment.    
For those of you who are regular SkinStore shoppers, you have seen that over the last 10+ years we have consistently made site enhancements. For our newest customers, we thought that we would take a moment to journey back in time and share with you some of our more popular features that bring our customers back time and again.
Product Talk. This is an amazing feature that is somewhat new at SkinStore. When you click into any product details, you have the option to interact with other SkinStore shoppers! It’s our very own community. You can ask other shoppers questions, view all questions and answers, or answer other user’s questions. You can even add photos and video! This is such a neat feature that I am sure it will be very helpful as more individuals within our community become aware of it. I love it!
Product Ratings. We’ve had product ratings for as long as I can remember, but recently we made some major improvements based on our shopping community’s feedback. As always you can read and add reviews, but now when you select the reviews tab, you can not only see the first several reviews but when you click on the link at the bottom of the first page that allow you to “Read All” reviews, you have all sorts of options that appear! This topic should have its own blog really, but basically a whole world of reviews comes to life like I have never seen before. You can see the top reviews by product category, application area, and so on. I don’t mean to toot our own horn, but it is really a neat feature to have when you are in research mode.
Product Advisor. This is a fantastic tool to use when you are looking for a quick product suggestion. Just answer a few short questions and you are on the path to finding some great products.
Newsletters, BeautyTalk and TheProductfiles are customer favorites that focus on skin care education. If you don’t currently get these, you can log into your account and go into your “Account Changes” to manage the emails that you receive.
Live Chat. One of our more popular features…live chat is an instant way to get quick answers to product questions, tips, product suggestions, consultations and more. You can take care of just about anything on live chat that you can take care of over the phone.
The SkinStore catalog – online. After many customer requests for this feature, you can now view our SkinStore catalog on line. Our latest catalogs are easily to search and easy to use. With click through function on the products, shopping is a breeze.
What’s Hot / What’s New. These two features are loved by our customers because not only can you see the SkinStore new arrivals, but you can also see the products that are our best sellers and top movers.
Special Offers. In one click you can find all of our gifts with purchase items that are available while supplies last. This page is hugely popular with our regulars because the offers are so great.
Ok, so this list could go on forever but I think that you get the idea that there are a lot of great features available at SkinStore that make it a great place to shop. Visit us at



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