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I Finally Found a Serum to Address Dullness and Uneven Texture for My Clogged Skin

I Finally Found a Serum to Address Dullness and Uneven Texture for My Clogged Skin
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As a beauty editor with combination skin who tests just about everything in the skin-brightening and texture-diminishing category, it takes more than just an average product to get me writing. So, when I tried PCA Skin’s Resurfacing Serum, I felt all the feelings I’ve been waiting for on my journey to fresh, clear skin.  

Infused with power-packed exfoliants to slough off the dull outer layer of skin and rich botanicals to add moisture back, I noticed the effects of this serum the second it touched my face. To learn more about how this product (and other must-haves from the brand) transformed my complexion from lusterless and patchy to bright and glowy, continue reading below.  

Background on My Skin

Long story short, my skin is moody. One day it’ll be soft, smooth and plump and the next it’s rough and bumpy. It errs on the combination side, but in the winter months it can get extremely dry. I was desperate for a product that addressed my skin’s dullness and texture simultaneously without adding to the flakiness I already stress about during the colder months. While I was hesitant to use a serum whose claim to fame is deep exfoliation, I stockpiled my favorite thick moisturizer (see below for the exact formula) and started my new routine. Just a few weeks later, I can confidently say I’ve found the secret to a consistently bright complexion.  

The Science Behind the Serum

PCA Skin Resurfacing Serum is formulated with a patented glycolic arginine complex and hydrolyzed prickly pear flower extract that work together to provide gentle exfoliation while deeply hydrating and calming the dermis. The arginine in the complex assists in wound and tissue healing and pumps the skin with antioxidants while heavy lifters like lactic acid and glycolic acid dive deep into the layers to gently remove all the junk that hides beneath the dermis, leaving skin with a glass-like finish. Also included in the bottle is licorice root extract, which comes from the licorice plant and unleashes antioxidant properties the second it hits the skin.  

How I used PCA Skin’s Resurfacing Serum

After cleansing and toning at night, I applied a thin layer of the serum before my moisturizer. While you can use it both morning and night if you have less reactive skin, I was keeping my dryness into account. The application pace of once per day everyday never once caused a flare up or flakes.  

I continued this schedule for a few short weeks, but it did not take that long to notice the results. Even after the first use, my skin looked healthy, dewy and glowy.
My skin now, after using PCA Skin's Resurfacing Serum for two weeks once daily.

My Results

I still use PCA Skin’s powerful serum nightly to keep my results consistent, and the way my skin looks comes morning surprises me every time I look in the mirror. It’s even, soft and totally blemish-free—it looks like I just left a facial every time I glance in the mirror. I’ve also noticed a major difference in my pores: they’re much smaller and less noticeable, and they don’t show through my makeup for the first time in my life (yes, this is without primer, too!).  

If you experience dry skin like me, implementing a hyaluronic acid serum can make a major difference to add a burst of moisture. The ingredient is topping the trend charts which means products touting the ingredient are seemingly everywhere so finding the right hyaluronic acid serum takes time.Look no further. This one is not only my favorite, but it’s a staple in my colleagues’ collection, too (with the number of products on our site, that’s saying a lot).  

Remember the moisturizer I was talking about earlier? This is it, and with one use it will become your favorite, too. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, deeply nourishes the complexion and it’s the perfect primer to your makeup look for all-day wear. 

Another essential in your winter routine, this night mask protects your pout from moisture loss thanks to a unique blend of nourishing and emollient ingredients. Come morning, your lips will feel rejuvenated beyond belief. Sometimes, we even apply this through the day to keep the results from the night before going strong.

Infused with evening primrose oil and apple extract, I use this antioxidant-rich toner post-cleanse to pump moisture back into my skin and prepare it for serum. It’s refreshing, it’s smoothing, it’s plumping, and it’s a product I simply cannot live without.  

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