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The Ultimate Gift Guide: The Traveler

Know someone who loves nothing more than a getaway? Do they spend more time living out of a suitcase (or even a backpack) more than their own home?

If so, you’ll be pleased to know that these traveler types are super easy to buy gifts for!

For the girl – or the guy – whose always on the go, these handy travel sized items will go down a treat:

The Lavish Jetsetter

There are certain types of travelers who just won’t settle for anything less than luxury. They stay in the finest 5 star hotels, and sleep under the highest quality cotton sheets. Let them take a touch of class away with them everywhere they go, ensuring only the most professional hair tools, uplifting aromatherpy oils and indulgent candles travel with them…

The Boy Who Backpacks

For the guy who likes to backpack around, make sure he’s fully equipped with all the essentials. There’s no excuses for a shabby beard or a grubby appearance when there are so many grooming kits out there. Give him a set he can grab and go, or those handy add ons, like roll on deodrants.

The Hotel Hopper

We all know that couple who holiday often, whether it’s stateside or far away. And each time, they book into the nicest of hotels. Let them experience home away from home with a handy travel diffuser, which can sit nicely on their bedside table, ridding the room of any ‘hotel’ scents. Another great gift idea is a travel sized hair set, which would be much appreciated so they don’t have to keep using hotel samples! And our very favorite travelers gift idea is the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which is just a hotel hoppers essential. A few sprays of this onto your pillow at night sends you straight off into the land of nod…

The Happy Campers

Those camping types have such a battle on their hands. Not only do they holiday minus any luxuories, they also have limited mirrors and bathroom facilities to keep themselves looking great and feeling fresh. Think about putting together a bundle of camping beauty essentials, from dry shampoos and hydrating waters, to eye masks and good quality facial wipes…

The Remote Worker

Have a friend or family member who is always on a train, on a flight, or long journey car rides? One minute they’re away on a long haul, the next they’re at a business conference in the Far East. Help them feel a little more refreshed and look a little more brighter with some of these beautifying travel heroes. It’s amazing what a radiance enhancing face mask can do!

For more travel sized wonders, take a look at some of our unique smaller sized products, perfect for jetting away.

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