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African Botanics

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Rooted in South Africa and based in LA, African Botanics connects the time-honored wisdom of botanics and aromatherapists with scientific rigor. The result? A range of high-performance, sustainable skin and body care that serve to enhance mental wellness while addressing the visible signs of aging.

Capturing the rich plant biodiversity of South Africa’s Cape floral kingdom, African Botanics is the antidote to the harmful effects of environmental and lifestyle stressors.

Not only do the products’ naturally-occurring amino acids replenish depleting collagen and elastin levels, but they harness the uplifting power of aromatherapy with essential oils that stimulate the senses.

Conjure visions of exotic Africa with exquisite marula oil, the cornerstone of the African Botanics range. Once an African beauty secret, marula oil is the world’s most antioxidant-rich oil, jam-packed with omega 9 and Omega 6 to beautify, heal, balance and plump the skin with regular use. It’s light in texture, easily absorbed and suitable for all skin types.

In this range, the marula oil is derived from wild growing trees and hand-harvested from the purest and most remote rural communities in the land. Unrefined, certified organic and fair trade, African Botanics obtains it in a single cold-press process using advanced green technology to lock in all the nutrients that will empower your skin. Pure marula oil is at the heart of every African Botanics product.

Take a holistic approach to skincare with natural, luxurious brand African Botanics.

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