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Anastasia Beverly Hills

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LA-based make-up artist Anastasia Soare is a technical master and the original authority on beautiful eyebrows. Her global brand Anastasia Beverley Hills delivers products that will enhance your face, and tools that come with a lifetime of use (try the Five Element Brow Kit).

Madonna, Jada Pinkett, Jennifer Lopez and Oprah Winfrey have all been known to enlist Soare's talent and creativity. She's able to sculpt the brow with ease, and has spent years imbuing her range with her technical skill to provide you with perfect brows and a proportionate face.

When Romania-borne Soare decided to pursue the American dream, she couldn't speak a word of English. She moved to the States anyway, with an artistic vision and an affinity with Leonardo Da Vinci's Golden Proportions - the inspiration for the renown 'golden ratio' technique which now serves as the cornerstone of the brand.

“Our eyes are intrinsically trained to spot divine proportion and immediately associate it with beauty and harmony.” – Anastasia Soare 

Soare was the first to introduce brow-shaping to salons in the US, but it was after transforming the eyebrows of supermodels from Cindy Crawford to Naomi Campbell that Soare literally changed the face of beauty. She went on to open her first salon in Beverley Hills and achieved iconic status in '94 when Vogue wrote the first article about a woman named 'Anastasia' who does eyebrows.

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