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M.E SKINLAB takes your skin by the hand and guides it to an optimum state of repair. The Cosmetics 27 family of products are genuine, high performance skin re-balancers that enhance the properties of nature’s most powerful ingredients.

Over 15 years ago, in an effort to ‘delete’ a scar, Michèle Evrard accidentally discovered the reparative properties of centella asiatrica – a plant with high calibre cosmetic dimension and the capacity to perform anti-aging actions. The entire Cosmetics 27 line has been developed around the superpowers of centella asiatica – also known as the ‘longevity plant’.

Throughout the skin’s stages of development, its needs are focused around moisturizing, repair and, with age, correction. Cosmetics 27 is nature’s cosmeceutical – it has been inspired by traditional pharamecutical preparations with regards to formulation and intended benefits, but with a high grade element of nature at the core.

With Cosmetics 27, everyone will find an adapted response and a bespoke solution for their own skin.

Natural skincare enhanced by science

Michèle’s passion for the brand is fuelled by her own studies in pharmacy, but her agenda is to offer results-driven products that retain authenticity and build on what nature already offers. All products in her cosmetic family are based on natural active ingredients that have been precisely selected in particular quantities. These ingredients work harmoniously to preserve skin’s balance, integrity and beauty, delivering what it can no longer produce itself.

Healthy skin is noticeable, regardless of age. When someone tells you that you look good, it puts a smile on your face, you feel good… For me, that's what beauty is about.

All Cosmetics27 products are natural (84% to 100%), made with plant-based extracts but never parabens, phenoxyethanol, petrochemical derivatives, silicones or mineral oils. Upon development, each formula is rigorously tested for tolerance, safety and efficacy.

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