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What do you get when you fuse a love of chemistry with a fashion and beauty addiction? You get cult color story MDMFlow.

Florence Adepoju, founder of the British brand, has done what other make-up companies struggled with for decades: creating shades that come to life on all skin tones, from porcelain to mocha.

After majoring in Cosmetic Science at the prestigious London College of/8/7Fashion 20-something Flow developed homemade make-up, including a range of rose-scented lipsticks, and quickly garnered a loyal following. Soon she captured the attention of the then-beauty Director at British Vogue. MDMFlow’s status has skyrocketed ever since.

Make-up with Attitude

The shades are limited, but with good reason. Take nude lipstick as an example, rather than debating which nude hue to choose, MDMFlow’s ‘Sweet Escape’ is a one-shade-suits-all solution.

She has now added a collection of technicolor liquid matte lipsticks to the line, drenching lips in picture-perfect coverage.

The brand’s signature is an ode to '90s hip-hop culture, from the gold metal tubing inspired by chains that rappers wore throughout the decade, to the names of each lipstick: a song Flow listened to growing up (think ‘Sweet Escape’ – Gwen Stefani).

Each formulation imparts a head-turning pop of color to your lips. Keep checking back as we release sell-out, limited edition shades.

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