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Italy: A country of sensuality, energy, innovation, and passion. PUPA: A skincare brand that takes the values of the country it was founded in and imbues them into every skincare, cosmetic, and nail product it creates.

For an emphasis on quality and appeal, PUPA combines the latest scientific research with state-of-the-art technology to create products that effortlessly deliver maximum results. The testimony of PUPA's success lies in the fact that, since being founded in 1976, PUPA now exports goods in more than 70 countries worldwide, including France, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and Canada.

Further proof of the prowess of PUPA comes in the fact that it's currently the recognized provider of make-up for the Italian Women's National Football teams. This only serves to show the durability and quality of every product produced by the brand.

Pupa has so far created extensive lines of skincare, sun care, body care, nail, and cosmetic products. All products boast a range of benefits thanks to the brand's use of vitamins, aromatherapy oils, and natural extracts - all of which leave your body feeling rejuvenated and glowing.

Skincare products you can expect to find by PUPA include shower gels, serums, masks, and creams to address a wide range of concerns. This includes anti-aging, nourishment, toning, and exfoliating. regarding make-up, PUPA offers full lines of products spanning the eyes, face, lips, and hands. With long-lasting formulas across the board, PUPA cosmetics flaunt vibrant colors, a range of shades for every skin tone, and more.

PUPA's packaging is as iconic as its name. Simple, clean, and straight to the point, PUPA products are injected with bursts of color for that iconic vibrancy synonymous with the brand. In particular, a splash of red on any cosmetic or skincare shelf is a sure-fire sign of a PUPA product.

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