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Yael Alkalay has always been influenced by her family and ancestry. Her grandfather was the first dermatologist ever licensed in Bulgaria, instilling in her an interest in good skin health. In previous generations, men in her family served as grand rabbis in Turkey, and this link to the past has always given Yael an interest in spirituality and its importance in daily life. By combining her interests and her love for all things natural, Yael founded a collection of organic spa, skin care and home fragrance products. Called Red Flower, the brand debuted in 1999 and became an instant sensation.

The ingredients in Red Flower skin care and home fragrance products could virtually form a map of the world. The formulas contain the ultimate luxury ingredients from Icelandic moonflowers to Italian blood oranges to Moroccan roses. It's these fine ingredients that have made the range popular at luxury stores like Barney's in New York City and with discerning women everywhere. The Red Flower collection is perfect for gifts or for delighting yourself with a rare treasure. Start exploring it now.

Not every company develops its product lines with an environmentally and socially responsible mindset. However, that is exactly what Red Flower does. In fact, the company's mission establishes its goals to make you, the consumer, not just the users of the products but also contributors to creating a sustainable world. This brand features a range of natural products that fit well into your green lifestyle, whether you're just learning about more environmentally conscious choices or have long embraced a more natural lifestyle. While Red Flower doesn't strive to lead a movement or empower its consumers with a call to action, the brand does offer an ambitious mission to offer its customers superior products and individualized services. This mission makes the company unique, much like its product line.

Red Flower might not have the lengthy history of some of its competitors, but the brand has established itself in the vast health and beauty marketplace since its inception in the late 1990s. Its collection has grown immensely during this history, launching with a goal of providing botanical and environmentally friendly health and beauty products. In 2004, Red Flower's products were introduced in spas and resorts across the United States. Through the remainder of the 2000s, and continuing today, the brand launched even more products, extending its reach to more consumers interested in environmentally friendly products. Now, you can discover the benefits of these products by exploring the collection at SkinStore and finding the right products for your unique beauty and skin care needs.

Skin care should be part of the inner experience of beauty: This forms the basis of the philosophy of Red Flower Products. Founded, developed and still based in the SoHo district of New York City, these products approach the concept of skin care as part of the process of the celebration of life through the purity of nature. The ingredients of the meticulously formulated Red Flower Products are sourced from around the world, from the tundra of Finland to the herbal gardens of Argentina, providing the most effective botanical extracts and essential oils.

With a commitment to natural, renewable and sustainable sources for these ingredients, the purity of their products provides a transformational approach to skin care and beauty. The inherent benefits of these plant-derived ingredients are allowed to assist skin and hair by providing moisturizing, nourishing, renewing and protecting benefits, all combined with natural, uplifting aromas. As the founder of Red Flower Products, Yael Alkalay, has written, "My hope is that when someone experiences a Red Flower product, they are immediately transported to a place of luxury, comfort and indulgence."

As part of a wider experience of life, skin care should be itself a transformational event, offering health, beauty and peace. The formulas of Red Flower Products help skin and hair to reach their greatest potential, through the carefully selected, balanced and effective botanical extracts and oils.

Safflower seed oil, chamomile, sweet almond oil and shea butter in the formula of Red Flower Indian Jasmine Moisturizing Body Lotion provides emollients to hydrate and soften the skin, while jojoba oil from the desert plant Simmondsia chinensis strengthens the moisture barrier layer to prevent loss of hydration. Vitamins A and E work in tandem to help strengthen and regenerate skin damaged by dehydration, and neem oil (derived from the seeds and fruit of the Indian Melia azadirachta plant) heals and purifies. Over it all, there is the warm, relaxing scent of jasmine, neroli, tangerine and ylang-ylang.

A suite of oils from the seeds of avocado, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry and lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea, from the subarctic region of Finland) offer a boost of hydration in Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry-Oil Serum. Along with extracts from balsam (Copaifera officinalis), guaiac wood, fir (Pinus balsamea) and juniper berry, these oils provide essential omega fatty acids and antioxidants to provide anti-aging, protective benefits.

To leave hair clean and strong, while still providing a soft, shining and gently scented result, Red Flower Italian Red Blood Orange Cleansing Hair Wash offers a suite of fruit oils, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Hair strands protected against brittleness, while the scalp is nourished and soothed.

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