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Be bold when you go bare, ladies. Plucking and pruning, shaving and waxing are part of life. But admit it, red bumps and irritation aren't sexy. Shaveworks puts out the fire. The hero product The Cool Fix is a girl's best friend. This soothing blue gel immediately calms skin and erases redness after a shave or wax. Now you can go bare without a care.

A portion of the Shaveworks proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Ridding your skin of unwanted hair has become a year-round ritual. Plucking, shaving, and waxing may be the most convenient ways to remove your hair, but these methods don't always leave your skin silky-smooth. Redness, bumps, and stinging are common side effects. So while you're finally free of the hair, you may still be reluctant to show off your bare skin because of the lingering irritation. Shaveworks is here to help!

Shaveworks products offer immediate relief to inflammation caused by hair removal. Simply apply The Cool Fix formula to irritated skin. This gentle formula will soothe wherever you've just removed your hair - from the sensitive areas around the brow and upper lip, to larger areas including the bikini zone, underarms, and legs. The Cool Fix formula is an effective hydrator, so there's no need to use an additional moisturizer. And to keep irritation at bay, apply The Cool Fix formula daily.

Here's how The Cool Fix from Shaveworks softens and clears your skin. The formula contains a blend of three exfoliating agents derived from rice bran. These active ingredients are glycolic acid, phytic acid, and salicylic acid and they work together to gently remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. By eliminating this debris, ingrown hairs are less likely to form. These agents also have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help keep your skin healthy and free of infection.

As your hair grows back, you can slow its growth by using the shave cream from Shaveworks. This lusciously rich formula also contains the botanical extracts of ginger, lavender, and vanilla to heal and calm your skin.

Most women like the look and feel of skin that has been shaved or waxed, and are willing to spend the time and trouble it takes to achieve it. What they don't like are the bumps, razor burns, ingrown hairs and redness that often accompanies all that effort. Now, smooth can really mean smooth, without the after-effects, using Shaveworks Products. It shouldn't be necessary to have to put up with all of the problems associated with shaving and waxing, just to look smooth. And you don't! Not with Shaveworks Products.

The reality is that a rushed shave, a blade that is just a little too dull or insufficiently preparing the skin and stubble can result in redness, little bumps called "razor burn" and even potentially infected ingrown hairs. Men may sneer about having it worse, but the skin on legs, under arms and the bikini area really is more delicate than a man's face. Waxing isn't any better: that technique can also cause these problems. Shaveworks Products takes care of the after-effects of hair removal, no matter what the method.

Hair removal is trouble enough in itself, but having to deal with redness, bumps and ingrown hairs make it even worse. Ingrown hairs are caused when the stubble of a hair left behind after being cut by a razor or broken off as wax is removed is mis-alligned in its pore. As the hair grows back, it begins to puncture the tissue. Not only is this painful, but an infection can quickly occur. Rashes and redness are also common, as the skin reacts to the disruption to the skin, follicles and pores caused by shaving and waxing. There is no need to just let it "go away" -- Shaveworks Products offer relief from the uncomfortable feeling and unhappy appearance that so often accompanies shaving and waxing.

Although the hair removal techniques of shaving and waxing approach the task in entirely different ways, in the end hair removal from delicate skin can result in similar problems: Ingrown hairs (which can become badly infected), bumps and reddened skin. The solution is Shaveworks The Cool Fix, which is specifically formulated to provide relief from all of these difficulties. Effective, but gentle, ingredients encourage exfoliation, to help release the ingrown hairs and replace the reddened, inflamed skin cells disturbed by shaving or waxing. Soothing agents, including topical salicylic acid, calm the inflamed skin. The antibacterial effects of Boerhavia diffusa root extract help to calm and protect the skin. Used in areas that are shaved frequently, it can even help prevent as well as resolve the after-effects of hair removal.

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