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Westlab at SkinStore

Initiated by a family who wanted to alleviate their son's eczema, Westlab came into being in 2004 after the family decided to embark on a mission to make magnesium-rich salts accessible to everyone. Himalayan salt has an extremely rich history, dating back around 800 million BC, according to the team at Westlab, and is not least known for its skincare properties.

Westlab sells carefully curated salts that are brimming with a multitude of scents holding a variety of virtues. At Westlab, they abide closely by 5 brand pillars which are: efficacy of products, natural credentials, quality assurance, available to all, and variety of choice. Being a brand that holds strong moral values, Westlab ensures all of its products are entirely traceable, meaning each item is honest and meets natural and purity credentials.

You can find in Westlab's range Epsom, Dead Sea, Himalayan, magnesium, and alchemy salts to accommodate a variety of wants and needs. You can also find a range for children, the reason that brought Westlab into being back in 2004. At Westlab, you will discover products that are trustworthy, made with care, and are affordable to all. See their range at SkinStore, an official stockist of Westlab in the US.
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