Quick Tip: Sultry Smokey Eye

If you’ve ever wanted that perfect smoky eye look you know it is not as easy as it appears. When dealing with the eye area it looks as easy as cake…it can be if you have the proper instructions. The basic smoky eye can be achieved in about four easy steps.
First you’d want to select some complementary colors to use for your eye area. For people with lighter eyes and hair, we’d suggest using purple shades or lighter shades of brown. For people with darker eyes and hair, we’d suggest darker shades of brown and black. You want two similar eye colors which are about 2 shades different from each other. One shade on the lighter side of the color spectrum and one shade on the darker side of the spectrum, but not too big of a gap. You will also need either, a silver shade for lighter skin and a white/ gold shade for people with darker skin tones for a highlighter. Your last two product tools for this look will be eyeliner and mascara.
First apply your lighter shade eye shadow over your entire lid as your base. Next you would want to use the darker shade to use in the eye contour area or crease area of the lid. To make your eye area appear bigger, extend the darker shade a little above the crease area as well. Using a blending brush, start from the inner eye area and in short circular strokes blend the two shades to the outer section of the eye. The two shades should completely blend into each other, leaving no harsh looking lines around the eye area. To really accentuate the eyes, always make sure that the area on the outer corner is your darkest area. After everything is blended together, apply your highlighter shade to the area below the brow bone. Do not apply the highlighter past the inner corner or outer corner of the eyebrow. Your last couple steps are to apply your eyeliner and mascara which complete your “ready to go out dancing” perfect smoky eye. If you are unsure of which colors to choose and still confused on exactly how to apply the colors, you can purchase products like Stila’s Smoky Eye Palette. They have a few different color options to choose from and they provide an electronic voice box which walks you through each step on how to apply your smoky eye.
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