Quick Tip: HELP! My Skin Care Pump Stopped Working!

Many skin care products use an air pump mechanism as the delivery method for some of you’re your favorite products. An air pump can be a tricky little thing…it does not use a tube so the cause of a malfunction may be elusive. Here’s the skinny, very often an air bubble will form inside the product container causing what seems to be a broken pump…next time your pump stops working don’t panic! To get the product to dispense, cap it, turn it upside down and tap it against a hard surface 10-15 times, then try to pump it again, it should begin to work properly. If that doesn’t do the trick, check the date of purchase, you may just be out of your product! If that is the case, then you can panic!
The SkinCeuticals Retinol is just one example of a product that uses an air pump delivery system. You can’t tell that it is an air pump when you look at the product, all the magic is inside the container.
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