Safe Alternative To Hydroquinone – Just As Effective

Are you looking for an effective lightening product that does not contain hydroquinone, but has proven to be just as effective? The new SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator is effective in treating hyper pigmentation, blotchiness, and brightening your skin tone. It also helps to prevent future discolorations for a healthier skin tone, and is safe to use everyday. This product is a great alternative for people that do not want to use bleaching agents on their skin.
So what is in this miracle product you ask? The pigment regulator uses a powerful patent pending combination with Emblica, which is an Indian gooseberry known to soften deep wrinkles and lines. It also contains a 10% exfoliating blend and 2% Kojic Acid to naturally improve the condition of your skin. This will help to diminish frekles, melasma, photo damage, and post acne scarring.
Apply this product twice daily to face, neck, and chest for best results. While using this product, it is recommended to use a broad spectrum sunscreen, and limit sun exposure. A great sunscreen to try is the SkinCeuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30. This formula is oil and fragrance free, and works great for all skin types. Anyone can incorporate the pigment regulator into their daily routine. For optimum results, use the pigment regulator in conjunction with SkinCeuticals antioxidant treatments..
For more information on hyperpigmentation including what it is and how to treat it, see Hyperpigmentation And SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator and How to Treat Hyperpigmentation.



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