Say Bye-Bye to Shine!

Do you ever feel like there is not enough blotting paper in the world to combat your oily, shiny skin? Do you walk outside on a hot, summer day and feel your makeup immediately start sliding off of your face? Do you walk outside on a cold, winter day and still experience the same problem? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, let me introduce you to your new best friend…Vichy Normaderm PRO Mat!
My own battle with excess oil and shine has been ongoing for as long as I can remember. Always on the search, it seemed like I was constantly spending time and money trying to find something that worked for me, but to no avail. Now, I have FINALLY found that product…thank you Vichy for creating the perfect product for me!
This oil-free moisturizer is my multitasking miracle! It absorbs quickly, works fantastic as a foundation base, instantly mattifies and keeps me shine-free for hours. Another great feature about this product is that it also contains an SPF 15. UV rays are another cause of excess oil production. As if we needed another reason to wear our sunscreen.
I can already hear you asking “How does it work?” Vichy Normaderm PRO Mat contains microspheres that provide that beautiful, instantly matte finish while the Vitamin CG (a stable precursor to Vitamin C) slowly releases throughout the day to actually regulate your body’s own sebum production. So not only does PRO Mat work as an anti-shine quick fix, it also provides long-term benefits.

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