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Get Beach Curls With the T3 Single Pass Luxe

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Get the perfect set of beachy curls with the T3 Single Pass Luxe!

About T3

Part tech start up, part beauty venture, in 2003 T3 pioneered the first luxury hair tools. From one idea – tourmaline-powered hair dryers – they’ve evolved into a brand synonymous with high-performance, styling efficiency and, most importantly, reliably beautiful hair that had minimal breakage. Combining elevated aesthetics, meticulous engineering and cutting-edge technology to overcome daily hair struggles for millions of women around the world.

How To Get The Look

First things first, dry your hair and split into pigtails use a sectioning clip. Then, starting from the temple, wrap 1 inch square sections of hair away from the face hold for 5 to 7 seconds and then gently release.
Repeat for the rest of the hair, working up and around the head and let the curls cool before styling. Gently rake through the hair to break up the waves, using only your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Spritz for hold if need be and voila! Beach curls! 

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SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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