Stepping Into Science with SkinMedica TNS

Are you looking for a revolutionary anti-aging product; a product that is clinically proven to give results? The search for this kind of product is usually one of which is ongoing, however help is on the way with SkinMedica products. By great customer reviews and support, SkinMedica has definitely stepped up the game with their potent products in the TNS line.
The TNS Recovery Complex is a leader when it comes to addressing multiple skin care concerns. For many people these days time is short, this could be just what the doctor ordered! As with all of the products in the TNS line, the Recovery Complex contains NouriCel- MD. It is a research based cosmetic ingredient discovered through wound healing, composed of natural human growth factors, soluble collagen, matrix proteins and antioxidants. It is the natural human growth factors included in that potent blend which play a very important role in mimicking the skin’s natural renewal process. With consistent use of this Recovery Complex you can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lighten age spots and hyperpigmentation, improve skin firmness & texture, and treat photodamage. The product has a light serum texture which melts into your skin and can be used in conjunction with other treatment products. You would usually apply this product after you cleanse and tone with any further products applied after. The product can be used with retinol, but must be applied before your retinol with time to set in afterwards. If you are using a product containing hydroquinone, you would apply the Recovery Complex after the hydroquinone with time in between the two products to let each settle.
As if the TNS Recovery Complex doesn’t have enough to offer, SkinMedica has also introduced another breakthrough product; The TNS Essential Serum. It’s not only the NouriCel- MD but also includes a second chamber consisting of APS Corrective Complex. This second chamber, APS Corrective Complex, contains a combination of potent antioxidants including vitamin e, vitamin c, and green tea; as well as peptides and other essential anti-aging ingredients. The APS Complex will help lighten/brighten age spots, protect the skin from environmental damage, tighten and smooth skin and also strengthen the skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself. If your skin is on the sensitive side then we suggest using the Essential Serum since it contains vitamin e to help soothe the skin. The same rules would apply in application of the Essential Serum as in the Recovery Complex. So if you are ready for the ultimate in muti-benefit products then we say hurry and take a look into experimenting with either of these products. You may be quite surprised with the results you receive and from the fountain you apply from.
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