Quick Tip: Imperfections be gone!

So you’ve been staring at your computer for the past eight hours at work, then the cute guy that you met at the coffee shop last week calls and invites you out for a drink after work. You agree. You’re excited. Until you look in the mirror and see the terrible dark circles under your eyes and that red stress pimple on your forehead. You cancel on your date. You don’t fall in love with him and have happy babies because those pesky facial imperfections were at fault. I’m sorry to be so dramatic, but I’m just trying to get my point across. The point is… every girl should have a little magic jar of bareMinerals Bisque in their make-up bag. Besides working as a beautiful eyeshadow base, bareMinerals Bisque also performs as a miracle concealer for your face. It covers all imperfections, including dark circles, brown and red spots, blemishes, broken capillaries and even scars. AND it can be layered over make-up as a touch-up unlike regular cream concelers, which have to go on before you seal the deal with powder. Dot a bit of Bisque on any problem area before you head out, and go get ‘em, girlfriend!
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