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What makes the face stunning or captivating? Facial features are what set us apart from each other. Although we may all have our differences that make us unique, there are always ways to highlight or bring out our naturally beautiful attributes.
According to research done at Face Research Org., the most attractive or appealing feminine facial features are big eyes, big lips, a youthful appearance, and symmetry. In my own personal opinion and research, I have found that it extends a little past the most obvious features. In addition to the above opinions listed, I believe it is the attributes of big flirty lashes, big lips with a bright smile, flushed contoured cheeks, a defined facial structure, and radiant skin that are amongst the top contenders for appealing facial qualities. Even though we all try for that supermodel face, we know it isn’t as easy as they make it appear. Luckily, women have acquired many different beauty secrets over the years that they tuck away into their little mental notepads made available to pull out for future reference. The secrets are ways to achieve the results we are searching for and ways to deceive the eyes of the beholder. So, from me to you… here is a list of areas on the face that can be easily enhanced to achieve an attractive, stunning, admired face.
Area # 1: Face structure- Will add definition and contour your facial structure. You’ll want to contour your jaw line and the hollows or cylinders of the cheeks. The cylinder of the cheek is the area below the cheek bone diagonal to the tops of your ear. This will slim down areas of the face and create a nice facial structure. Use a foundation or matte bronzer 1-2 shades darker than your regular foundation.
Area # 2: The eyes- The bigger you can make them, the better! Use any tools you have access to. Usually your two best cosmetic friends for this job are eyeliner and most of all, GREAT mascara! The longer or fuller your lashes appear, the more it opens up the eye area and makes them pop. If you have the time to play around and learn how to contour the eye with different eye shadow shades, then you can also apply those techniques. Remember, men love those big puppy dog eyes that they can get lost in!
Area # 3: The cheeks- In addition to contouring the hollows of the cheeks, which adds definition; apply blush to the apples of the cheeks to create a naturally flush look. Applying that little bit of color to your cheeks, instantly adds appeal to your face. If you are unsure of blush shades to use, usually different shades of coral varying from light to dark will work universally.
Area # 4: The lips-(Keyword = Luscious!) The more you can plump those bad boys up, the better. Lip plumpers if you can handle them, or any regular shiny lip gloss makes the area appear more attractive and alluring. Lips are one of the most sensual parts of the body. Why wouldn’t you want to highlight them? In addition to lips themselves, an inviting smile is always sexy. So make sure that you treat and maintain that bright smile. If you need a little extra help in that department, you can use tooth whitening treatments every so often to get those pearly whites. The whiter the teeth are, the more your other features stand out. Smiles portray confidence and happiness. That fact alone is attractive!
Area # 5: Skin- One of the most important factors to a stunning face is your complexion. A clear, smooth, radiant complexion is PRICELESS! No matter how many beauty tips and tricks you know, it is important to take care of your skin. Make sure you find a skin care regimen that specifically suite your skin type and conditions. The more consistent and committed you are to your regimen, the more youthful and appealing your face will be. Your skin will always be the canvas of your face. If your skin is beautiful, you won’t even need to utilize half of the treasured beauty secrets we keep to try and lure the attention of the opposite sex or obtain the admiration of a fellow woman. Lastly…Don’t forget that beauty also stems from within. This internal beauty will always top what makes an individual attractive!
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