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The Products You Can Always Rely On

The Products You Can Always Rely On
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There are some products that make you wonder aloud if they're too good to be true. They're the ones that, once you get together, you never want to break up with. These are the essentials that are with you forever, that you're always topping up, and that tell your friends about.

The procedure alternatives

These days it seems like everyone's seeking bigger, fuller lips. If that includes you, try Lancer Skincare's Volume Lip Enhancing Serum, which was created by Dr. Harold Lancer by patient request to reduce the need for volume injections. It makes the lips a little more plump and shapely. Working both instantly and over time, the treatment helps to volumize and define lip contours for a youthful look, and with continued use, lends you visibly fuller, voluptuous, supple lips that look more Angelina Jolie than Donatella Versace.

Also, cancel that chemical peel right now and choose Murad's Intensive Resurfacing Peel instead. In this case, 'intensive' means serious results rather than an action that will fry off your face like that episode of SATC where Samantha had to wear a veil at an uptown party.

This peel by legendary Dr. Murad combines the benefits of a peel with gentle microdermabrasion to maximize the benefits of your anti-aging regimen. A few minutes just three times a week results in skin that is smoother, brighter and more youthful. With the first application you will see and feel a difference in your skin. Continuous use leads to more visible results – better texture and tone and skin that is luminous and smooth.

The facial devices

As a general rule of thumb facial devices, whether for deep cleaning or anti-aging purposes, take your skincare regimen to new heights. The Baby Quasar MD Plus is a good example of this. The red light therapy promotes smoother, younger-looking skin in as little as eight weeks. Medical science has proven that applying red and amber lights along with infrared light onto affected skin boosts the production of collagen and elastin - there is also a blue version which targets acne.

The Baby Quasar's powerful LED light has been touted by Kim Kardashian for helping to clear psoriasis - a condition that's usually chronic. And since we're talking about things that you choose to spend eternity with, the beauty of all Baby Quasar devices is that they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Now the FOREO? That's one of our most iconic products, a tool that we always make sure our virtual shelves are stocked with because it's in such high demand. If you haven't tried it, or you're looking for a miniature version for your travels (it's the same size as a cotton round), we recommend choosing the LUNA Play in classic Pearl Pink. For a budget-friendly $39, you get upto 100 uses although it will take you far less than that to realize you want to invest in a larger member of the FOREO family.

The classics

Who doesn't love a product with many talents? Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, despite being over 85 years old has lost none of its appeal. So celestial is this multipurpose balm that since its genesis in 1930 the formula remains unchanged. Legend has it the name hails from a loyal client, who noticed the cream had healed her son’s skinned knee within eight hours. Ms Arden even applied it to her horse’s legs. We continue to find new uses for it.

And then there's Pommade Divine's Nature's Remedy Multi-purpose Balm, another remedial balm with a history. The first edition of this product was mentioned in letters from German Princess Elisabeth Charlotte in 1920, suggesting it be carried in one's bag at all times.

Enriched with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients, it brings fast relief to minor skincare injuries such as cuts, scrapes, insect bites and burns. Its softening, regenerative and protective properties will deliver long-lasting comfort to dry, itchy skin so that eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis sufferers, as well as young children and babies, can experience ultimate comfort.

The haircare

In 2007 London-born, self-made colorist Shaun P, who honed techniques at Vidal Sassoon salons, was encouraged to pitch the idea for a new hairbrush high flyers on Dragon’s Den, England's version of Shark Tank. British millionaires rejected his idea, but today the joke’s on them.

The Tangle Teezer is renowned the world over, loved by royalty such as Kate Middleton, to rockstars like Georgia May Jagger, to icons like Victoria Beckham. It mimics a de-tangling technique that Shaun had invented in-salon without damaging strands. The unique teeth configuration makes them suited to all hair types, including fragile or color-treated hair. If your hair is prone to tangling (wet or dry) this, my friend, is the brush for you.

If there's one brush type all hair stylists can agree on - it's a Mason Pearson brush. Today we're talking about the brand's version for thinning hair/sensitive scalps, but for other hair types please do look at the full range.

This brush demonstrate noble craftsmanship, made with 100% boar bristles that are gentle to the hair and scalp. Handmade in England, this fine tool will distribute oils evenly through the hair and gently stimulate circulation to the hair follicle. It's the kind of brush we envision passed down through generations.

The preventative and the corrective

The Skinceuticals C E Ferulic and B E Resveratrol is the little power couple you need for the most integral skin. Think of the C E Ferulic, the potent antioxidant we sell in multiple digits, as your OJ in the morning. Meanwhile, the B E Resveratrol, the best thing to use at night when your skin goes into a state of repair, is like a good-for-you glass of wine.

These two bestsellers are better together, and keep your safeguarded against the harmful effects of ozone pollution which, I stress, does not just affect those who live in urban areas. Look younger for longer with this duo and remember - sometimes the miracles are in what you don't see.

The makeup must-haves

We work hard so our makeup should too. Y'all could write love letters to Stila's Brilliant One Step Correct - a helix of three color-correcting brighteners, suspended in an anti-aging skincare serum that also acts as a primer. Conceal redness, even your skin tone, and glow so bright that the stars get jealous.

The Dipbrow Pomade - Dark Brown by Anastasia Beverley Hills might be the reason the phrase "eyebrows on fleek" got coined by youngsters. If there was a fire, this little pot might be the first thing we think to save. If you're yet to try it, use it with Anastasia's No. 12 brush on one eyebrow, stand back, and see the difference for yourself.

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