Treating Dark Circles & Under Eye Bags

Dark circles and under eye bags make us look tired and frazzled and let’s face it… we sometimes feel that way, but don’t necessarily want to look like we’re exhausted and stressed. With the right products, we can offer an alternative to those heavy creams and concealers that do nothing but discourage you.
Most under eye dark circles and bags are caused by leaking blood vessels and inflammation.  Allergies, diet, and stress are contributing factors as well. It is important when selecting an eye product for these concerns, that you try something with caffeine. Caffeine will help to constrict blood vessels and address puffiness. One product that we highly suggest is the Anti-Aging Eye Cream by Glytone. This little eye saver contains caffeine, licorice extract, red tea, and glycolic acid. Red tea also works great for de-puffing, and the licorice extract will brighten the under-eye area. Another great eye product with caffeine is the La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV Eyes Hydrating Protective Eye Cream. This eye cream is very hydrating; safe for sensitive eyes, and also contains an SPF 29. Since the eye area is the most delicate skin on our bodies, it is important to protect it with an SPF.
Now that we have the treatment products under control, we suggest a good under-eye cover up product.  The Jane Iredale Circle Delete comes in three different color choices, containing two customized shades in one product. This is not only a concealer but a treatment product because it contains conditioners like avocado oil and Vitamins A, C, D, and E. It also has light reflecting elements to nicely disguise any under-eye flaws.
Whatever products you decide to use, remember it’s important to use a skin care product to address your concerns first; then add a concealing product to maximize your results.
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