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Healthy Halloween Face Masking How-To

Healthy Halloween Face Masking How-To
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In a month where we're all concerned about which scary masks to put on our faces (for Halloween, of course), it's easy to forget about 'non scary', healthy face masks. But with all those upcoming Halloween parties and reasons to pile on the face make-up, there couldn't be a more suitable time.

When I think of Halloween, I think about raiding my make-up bag for my thickest foundation, my inkiest black liquid liners and boldest red lipsticks. Or, I'm going one step further and answering the doorbell with a bright colored green zombie mask on, or some other scare-fest style.


The next day however, I'm touching my skin and thinking 'yuk'. After all that pore-clogging make-up, face paint and sweat hoarding masks that spent the night sat on my skin, my skin is definitely not looking or feeling too great.

This is why hanging up your party face and indulging in healthy, skin detoxifying face masks make the perfect 'post-Halloween' skincare treat. Not only do they give you the perfect excuse to run a bath and apply a treatment mask whilst you relax, but they brilliant for rectifying any damage from the night before.

From calming angry redness, to putting some goodness back in your skin, we've rounded up the top 'post-party' healthy masks you want to be using this holiday season. Non scary, of course.


Clay Masks

Masks with a clay base usually use kaolin clay, a natural component in soil. Brilliant for drawing out impurities and dirt that can make pores look more noticeable, these thicker, rich texture masks are effective for removing dead skin cells. You can get clay masks targeted to oily T-zones or acne-prone skin, which may contain acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid. A real treat for those who worry about breaking out or a build up of oil after heavy make-up. We love the Wei Purifying Mud Mask, which comes with an application brush for no messy hands!

Hydrating Masks

Often loaded with cooling properties - such as cucumber and essential oils, these soothe, nourish and, as their name indicates, super-moisturize. You can get rinse-off versions or peels off, which just depends on personal preference. The Karuna Hydrating Treatment Mask contains Natto, a Japanese Soybean, which helps to retain the skin's natural moisture levels as it exfoliates to re-boost dehydrated and dull skin. This one-step, no-rinse formula sheet mask which peels off is really easy to apply and continues to absorb into the skin long after removal.

Firming and Anti-Aging Masks

These deal with skin in need of a reboot, and after a night of heavy make-up, these are the perfect excuse for a firming skin treatment.  Heavier textures are sometimes used in firming and anti-aging masks so that the magic potions can melt into skin and act as an “ultra-detox” that also addresses those deep down wrinkles and loss of firmness. Murads Age-Diffusing Mask  is a luxuriously rich mask which restores a firm, resilient tone and relieves dehydrated skin. It's infused with FirmQ2 to instantly firm and lift, while Golden Seaweed restores skin resilience.

Sheet Masks

With cutouts for eyes, nose and lips, these sheet masks started as a huge trend in Asia, following suit in America soon after. One of the most popular choices is the Erno Laslzo White Marble Sheet Mask, which is a rejuvenating and intensely hydrating treatment that works within minutes. Sheet masks are loved for their 'quick-win' style treatment for creating a bright, radiant complexion. This one in particular is gentle on the skin, yet powerfully brightening. Ideal to use weekly as it works both on and beneath the surface of skin to block melanin production and harmful oxidation that can darken, dull and age skin.

Sleeping Masks

These are the dream skin treatments for those 'lazy girls' who haven't the time to sit around waiting for face masks to dry and do their thing. You apply them at night before you go to sleep, and let the powerful properties of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, retinol, minerals and whichever ingredients you desire soak into the skin. When applied at bedtime the skin can absorb the benefits of the ingredients all night long, when the skin is rested and regeneration is at its peak. And nothing feels better than waking up with bright, glowing skin, right?

For a full range of face masks – non scary that is! – check out our dedicated page at 

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