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Omorovicza’s Beach Bag Essentials


Omorovicza are one of our most unique skincare brands at SkinStore, in which the unique brand had their genesis more than 2000 years ago, when the remedial properties of Hungary’s therapeutic waters were first uncovered.

After an exciting day spent in the studio filming some new videos with the Budapest-based beauty brand, we wanted to reveal the first video, which explores exactly what products they would take in their beach bag.

Our tutorial speaker, Margaret de Heinrich, is now one half of the founding team behind the Hungarian beauty brand, inherited problem skin. She was on the acne drug Accutane when residing in Budapest as part of her then American diplomat duties.

We’re excited to now share with you the six beach bag essentials she would recommend for both the night before heading to the beach and making her way to the beach.

The night before heading to the beach…

  1. Cleansing Foam
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    Cleansing Foam

    Margaret firstly suggests to detox the skin the night before heading to beach, so you get a fresh complexion for the sun. The Cleansing Foam is therefore the first essential, as it contains Copper Peptides, hence cleansing foam to detox the skin and give you that overall radiant look.

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  2. Copper Peel
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    Copper Peel

    The Copper Peel is the next recommended product to prepare your skin the night before heading to the beach. This product contains lactic acid which helps resurface and brighten the skin’s complexion.

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  3. Glam Glow
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    Glam Glow

    Moving on to the third suggested product, Margaret reveals her absolute “Beach Bag, Beach Weekend Secret Weapon” which is the Glam Glow.

    After you use it, you just look cute.

    Cleanse your skin or body the night before, exfoliate, and then put a small amount of the glam glow over your face and/or body. Sleep in it and wake up the next morning with a glamorous even glow on the skin.

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  4. Queen of Hungary Mist
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    Queen of Hungary Mist

    Now for heading to the beach, we have our final three products recommended by the wonderful Margaret.

    After cleansing, Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungary Mist should then be applied to the skin.

    This magical Mist provides a burst of hydration to the skin, as well as rebalancing the moisture level in the skin.

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  5. Instant Perfection
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    Instant Perfection

    The Instant Perfection is then perfect for giving you that radiant matt finish; the Instant Perfection therefore delivers the nutrients but doesn’t give the shine and in the words of Margaret, is”absolutely fabulous.”

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  6. Gold Shimmer Oil
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    Gold Shimmer Oil

    Finally, saving one of Margaret’s favorites to last is the Gold Shimmer Oil. This oil soothes inflammation and gives you that wonderful hydration everyone craves for.

    Not only does the product smell gorgeous, it gives you a subtle shimmer with real gold particles.

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