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2021 Beach Bodycare Beauty Essentials

2021 Beach Bodycare Beauty Essentials
SkinStore Editors
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Just what the doctor ordered… accessible bodycare features in a bottle, and just in time for beach trips and bikini season! In a world where cosmetic procedures are becoming more popular than ever, people are also reinventing themselves at home and taking the time to recover and develop routines. See what the editors and experts recommend for the best in beach bodycare must-haves!

Beach Bodycare Essentials For Bikini Season

Bodycare with NuFACE + Dr. Dennis Gross

We can start with the NuFACE NuBODY Skin Toning Device.

This handheld body toning device balances and smooths the complexion to reduce the appearance of dimpling and uneven texture.

For revealing newer skin, we highly suggest the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment.

This multi-tasking body exfoliating treatment is powered by alpha and beta hydroxy acids, enzymes plus bakuchiol to effectively exfoliate, brighten, and help support collagen production for younger-looking skin.

Our licensed esthetician and beauty expert, Shelby Gerson, encourages her clients to get an exfoliating treatment before tanning or peels.

"Skin sheds dead skin cells every 30 days or so and as we get older this process dramatically slows down," says Shelby. "Exfoliation leaves skin brighter and smoother - more acceptable to nutrients and antioxidants and self-tanners." Plus, you also get rid of body breakouts and ingrown hairs on thighs hidden by winter sweats.

Beach-Ready Shape Up With BAWDY + SiO Beauty

Since summer is creeping up on us and department stores are stocking their stores already with the season's hottest swim apparel, panic immediately fills our heads with doubt and dread. The need to prepare for summer starts earlier each and every year.

While we don't have any suggestions for crash diets or trends on losing weight in a manner of weeks (because we support healthy eating and exercise along with body positivity), if you want to make minor improvements to your body just for that day we do have product recommendations for the anticipated beach day.

For a bit of a chest and butt life, we recommend BAWDY's Slap It Butt Mask and SiO Beauty's SkinPads. The sheet butt mask will help improve skin texture by eliminating orange peel appearance and helps to improve skin tone.

SiO Beauty's chest wrinkle treatment intensifies hydration and supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and décolleté wrinkles.

Add the two together, and you have a bodycare duo that's perfect for the beach day beauty prep.

If your main concern is extra help with that pesky pudge, then you should use HUM Nutrition Flatter Me Healthy Digestion Supplement. This product is formulated to optimize protein, carb, fiber, and fat breakdown, and to help with nutrient absorption, and relief from indigestion and bloating.

Perfect That Summer Tan + Glow

For a touch of shimmer, we suggest Revolution Glow Radiance Shimmer Oil. This will give you a stunning shimmer sheen, infused with a coconut and pineapple fragrance. If your glow goals are more of a sunkissed variety, the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body would help you get a seamless tan and more.

This is the only exfoliating and anti-aging self-tanner with Active Vitamin D that firms, smoothes bumpy skin, and helps reduce hair growth. 

And of course, a summer must-have is SPF.

While we have a wide assortment of sunblock, sunscreen, tinted SPF, and makeup with SPF in it, we suggest grabbing one of the PCA SKIN Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50+.

This broad-spectrum SPF features a moisturizing, cosmetically elegant formula and additional active ingredients to help protect the skin from free radical damage.

Plus, PCA Skin comes highly recommended from the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use.

For more body contouring products, visit! And remember to have fun in the sun safely.

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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