Horror-Free Skincare Tips

Halloween is nearly upon us, and if you’re celebrating in classic Halloween style, it’s going to mean zombie face paint, heavy make-up and crazy accessories. There’s so much excitement around the pre-Halloween run-up, but when the after effects often include a trail of skincare horrors- like blemishes, rashes and dry, itchy skin – we have to step in and be the sensible ones!

With a little extra attention and effective skincare, you can protect your skin from those post-Halloween horrors. So lets go back to basics and show you how to prevent any nasty clogged pores and full complexions…

  1. Before The Party
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    Before The Party

    Prevention is better than cure, therefore during the days before your Halloween party, take extra care with your skin. Drinking plenty of water is a given, but an efficient cleanse, tone and moisturize with rich, hydrating products packed with essential fatty acids is also a great tip. The more hydrated your skin before your celebrations, the quicker is will spring back to normal afterwards.

    We love the L’Occtiane Shea Ultra Rich Face Cream for providing that soft, plumped face feeling, pre-party.

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  2. Watch Your Sugar
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    Watch Your Sugar

    Too much sugar causes havoc with your skin, it really is that simple. On the night of your Halloween party, it can be hard to avoid the sugar indulgence laced in the cocktails, bakes and punches, so try to do the cut-out prior to this. Instead, make the only sugar you introduce your body to be a luxury body sugar scrub to effectively exfoliate all over.

    Give yourself smooth, shiny legs and soft to touch skin with Soap and Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Scrub 

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  3. Remove Your Make-up!
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    Remove Your Make-up!

    Before you collapse into bed, make sure you remove all traces of make-up completely before going to sleep. It sounds so simple, but just one night sleeping with foundation, glitter or shimmer powders can mean pores get blocked, taking a lot longer than a day to clear out.

    Keep a micellar water at your bedside table before you head out, so that when you come in late at night, it’s there to tip onto your cotton pads or tissue and removed quickly and easily. No water required!

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  4. Prepare For The Breakout
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    Prepare For The Breakout

    If you struggle with acne or regular breakouts, then excessive layers of oil based face paint, combined with the extra sugar in your ‘trick or treats’,  is a breakout waiting to happen. We can’t promise a method to prevent this, but you can take extra care to make it as minimal as possible. Before your make-up, apply a moisturizer which is suitable for use on acne prone skin before your make-up.

    Choose a light version, such as Skin Authority’s Acne and Oil Control product. It’s a quick absorbing, multi-action Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid formula which gently exfoliates dull, dry surface cells to clear pores, diminish blemishes, and smooth texture, making it the perfect make-up base.

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  5. Be Allergy Prepared
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    Be Allergy Prepared

    Glitter, new make-up and face paint can all trigger unwanted reactions, whatever your skin type. Try to carry out patch tests before creating your Halloween look and piling new products and formulas onto your face.  Any allergies to your make-up and face paints can be seen in the form of itching, inflammation or rashes remove.

    Once your make-up is removed, use a multi-tasking rescue balm which solves a multitude of skincare sins. Pommade Divine’s Mulit-Purpose Balm treats rashes, redness, itching, flaking skin and just about every concern that could possibly arise!

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  6. Treat Your Skin
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    Treat Your Skin

    For a quick pick-me-up for partied out skin, get treating your skin to a nourishing face mask to attend to your skins needs. Whether you have dry, oily, acre prone or combination skin, there are a range of masks out there which work instantly to boost cell renewal and inject moisture for that feel-good factor.

    This First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask is a perfect 10 minute fix for distressed skin. Just apply a generous layer, sit back, and rinse off for results.

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For more skincare tips this party season, take a look at our healthy skin masking advice, talking you through all the benefits of a good face mask!

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