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Give your Hair Life with Philip Kingsley

Give your Hair Life with Philip Kingsley
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British-born tricologist Philip Kingsley, fondly dubbed the ‘Hair Doctor’, the ‘Hair Guru’ and the ‘Hair Wizard’ by various style magazines, was internationally recognized as the leading authority in hair and scalp health.

He brought the hair of so many notable figures to life, and gave confidence to anyone having a ‘bad hair day’ – a term he coined himself. Over the years, his name became eminent across film sets, catwalks and celebrity circles that include Kate Winslet, Sigourney Weaver and Renée Zelwegger.

Backed by over 55 years’ of trichological experience, Philip Kingsley went on to create a line of in-salon, trichologically driven hair and scalp products – a first at the time. Recognizing a void in the industry, he bridged the gap between science and hairdressing, delivering formulations that not only beautified the hair, but allowed it to reach its full health potential.

What Makes Philip Kingsley Products Different?

Philip Kingsley has been published in countless scientific papers and dermatological studies, he's even been known to consult British royalty. He has used his success to fund research on female hair loss in New York, working diligently to develop products that address the needs of those undergoing Chemo and Radiotherapy.  Not only equipped with a distinct understanding of the optimal scalp environment, Kingsley unabashedly appreciated the role of the human hair as a “sexual object”.

It is this holistic approach to haircare, where the brand takes into account what hair needs inside and out to look and feel its best, and a consideration towards how hair affects confidence, that sets Philip Kingsley apart.

Pioneering Haircare Formulations

Philip Kingsley was the first in the field to connect hair health to nutrition, and we are forever indebted to him for insisting on classifying hair by texture (fine, medium, coarse, Afro-Carribbean) – this has made a direct impact on the way that other haircare brands now design products.

With world-renowned clinics based in two of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, London and New York, the Philip Kingsley brand is able to provide treatments for chronic hair and scalp conditions including all forms of hair loss, alopecia, psoriasis, neurodermatitis and severe scaling and flaking of the scalp as well as cosmetic damage such as extremely dry or overly-processed. By combining the trichological expertise that powers the clinics, and leading, clinical formulations – your individual scalp concerns can be attended to.

For Stressed Scalps

Philip Kingsley was a pioneer in recognizing that a healthy scalp environment is a pre-requisite for healthy hair. The brand's extensive scalp care range could be the answer to problems you didn't even know you had. Browse scalp treatments that address all possible issues, leaving scalps soothed and refreshed.

Mr Kingsley  knew that hair matters, and treated both the hair and scalp with the same level of attention that we often give to our skin. When he died earlier this year, he left a legacy behind. Sadly, Philip Kingsley passed in 2016. But this industry expert’s legacy will live on through what is quite possibly, the world’s best haircare range.

Discover the full Philip Kingsley range now.

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