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Introducing: This Works

Introducing: This Works
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What do you get when a long time yogi and Vogue Beauty Director decides to channel her global knowledge into a product line? This Works: an award-winning collection of high quality, efficacious products that deliver on their promise without using unnecessary chemicals.

Founded in the UK in 2003 by international journalist and beauty expert Kathy Phillips, This Works was created as an antidote to modern life and its impact on skin and well-being, delivering clean targeted skincare solutions that optimise skin performance 24 hours a day, based on the body clock.

Made In Britain

This Works is a British brand with research, development and manufacturing with in the UK. A pioneer brand in the replacement of sulphates, phalates, GMOs and parabens with cleaner alternatives, the company works closely with British farmers to source natural ingredients

Expertly blended, premium ingredients

This Works' award-winning products contain a blend of proven actives inspired by nature, botanical oils and therapeutic fragrances. Individually each element is powerful, when combined the This Works way they become a super-blend, working in synergy with your body clock and your lifestyle to bring you beautiful skin all day.

Light Time

The radiance A-team, Light Time are 24 hour solutions for dull, dehydrated and fatigued skin.  This unique range of moisturising and cleansing skincare heroes recharge skin to leave it plumped up, tightened, brightened and rejuvenated – evening skin-tone, banishing signs of fatigue and restoring and protecting the skin’s natural radiance.

In Transit

Instantly protecting, enhancing, repairing and replenishing and rich in anti-oxidants. In Transit is a dedicated multi-tasking range to protect skin from environmental aggressors, from the moment you wake-up. Perfect as a base and under make-up, In Transit comes in portable sizes to ensure skin is guarded throughout your day, wherever it takes you.  No wonder Victoria Beckham, the poster girl for busy women, loves in transit camera close-up.

No Wrinkles

No Wrinkles is a no-nonsense range of anti-ageing skincare infused with proven natural actives that work. No Wrinkles Day products are powerful, anti-oxidant rich formulas that protect and enhance skin from morning till bedtime, whilst No Wrinkles Night is specifically formulated to repair and regenerate skin as you sleep boosting cell turnover – supporting skin barrier function and reducing skin dehydration through trans-epidermal water loss.

Energy Bank

Supercharge your day with Energy Bank, this potent aromatherapy range is designed to maximise the mood-boosting benefits of a good night’s sleep, enlivening mind and body and providing instant skincare benefits, with its super-blend of natural ingredients.   Little hidden powers lie in this collection, giving your features a hint of color and your attitude a boost!


The Perfect range reveals skin at its very best for instant confidence at any time, helping your skin look and feel beautiful around the clock.

Skin Deep

The award-winning skin deep dry leg oil is where it all began for This Works - the first product, founder Kathy Phillips created, it is still a best-seller today. Deeply moisturising daily skin perfectors Skin Deep is multi award-winning skincare range that transforms dull, dry skin to leave you with instantly toned, silky limbs, exquisitely scented skin and a youthful glow.

Sleep Well

Beautiful skin starts with a good night’s sleep, as it is during this period of physical and mental rest that your skin moves into repair mode, which is why at This Works' Sleep Well is the first step in any skincare routine. Internationally renowned for its award winning sleep solutions, the This Works Deep Sleep and Sleep Plus ranges are proven to help overcome temporary periods of sleeplessness and re-instate a healthy sleep pattern for restless sleepers.

Your Skin Over 24hrs



Beautiful skin starts with a good night’s sleep as it is during this period of physical and mental rest that your skin moves into repair mode. This Works’ best-selling Deep Sleep and Sleep Plus ranges optimise your sleep time, helping to overcome temporary periods of sleeplessness and soothing restless sleepers.

Wake Up

On waking, skin is most susceptible to damage from UV rays and the environment. In Transit rehydrates and helps to repair weakened skin, reduces inflammation, and protects skin from external aggressors.


Throughout the day your skin’s hydration levels, oil production and DNA repair will fluctuate, this along with your lifestyle will dictate the targeted skin support your needs.  Therefore tailored skincare boosters that enhance radiance even skin-tone, de-age and fight fatigue, supporting skin throughout the day such as Light Time, Skin Deep, Perfect and Energy Bank make a lot of sense.


In the prelude to sleep, skin is most able to absorb topical skincare, cleansing your skin thoroughly paves the way for night-time skincare products to work at their best. This Works cleansers offer gentle but effective ways to remove toxins from the skin before using No Wrinkles Night or Light Time to support overnight skin renewal, boosting the natural overnight process of cell repair and regeneration.

Explore the entire This Works range now!

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