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Washing Your Hair Without Shampoo: What to Know

Washing Your Hair Without Shampoo: What to Know
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You might have heard of the “no poo” method trending around the beauty sphere, a movement to stop washing your hair with shampoo.

It’s not just laziness, it’s science. It turns out that shampoo isn’t as good for the health of your hair as we may have thought it was when we started collectively using it as a culture.

Washing your hair without shampoo might sound strange, but before you decide “no poo” isn’t for you, we’re going to give you the low down on all things shampoo-less hair washing.

Here’s The Deal:

Shampoo is often packed with ingredients that strip hair of its shine, healthy oils, and even color. Even the best of shampoos, still have a tendency to throw off the natural pH levels of hair.

If you’ve read the stories, many people who stop washing their hair with shampoo experience an increase in shine, thickness, and overall texture.


Although many people in support of this movement have turned to washing their hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, a method that breaks off hair overtime, there are healthier and safer alternatives to washing your hair without shampoo that don’t involve acidic and harsh homemade treatments.

You might be wondering:

How would my hair stay clean without shampoo?

Since hair is not a living organ like your skin, it doesn’t need to be cleansed in the same way. If you wash your hair often, chances are it has built up such a dependency to shampoo that its oil production increases after just a few days. However, once you have a few tools up your sleeve to combat that buildup, you can begin to wash your hair less.

How To Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo?

There are a few ways to wash your hair without shampoo. Although these methods work great on their own to target specific hair type concerns, they can also be used in unison for a more fool-proof routine.

Cleansing Conditioner

Did you know you can actually wash your hair with conditioner? It sounds too good to be true, but conditioner washing, aka “co-washing,” has been said to not only result in smooth, ultra-soft hair, but also boosts your hairs health to the point of increased growth.


We love this conditioner because it does the job of both cleansing and moisturizing. With 11 unique benefits, it adds volume without the frizz and improves shine without the grease. If you’re worried about your hair becoming greasy when co-washing, know that overtime it will adjust to this new ritual, and in the meantime…

Dry Shampoo

Oh dry shampoo, everyone’s favorite bad hair day trick. Don’t have time to re-rinse and style your hair? Dry shampoo. Need a quick volume pick me up? Dry shampoo. Just want everyone who walks past you to be enveloped by the amazing aroma that your hair is? Dry shampoo.

However, as much as we love dry shampoo, we also know that some versions have the tendency to cause chalky feeling, gray looking strands. Enter, the only dry shampoo that you will ever need.

No flakes, no discoloration. Just pure fresh hair. It smells good, it feels great, and even won the Beauty Choice Award for The Best Dry Shampoo. For an even more natural fresh feel, try using it right before you go to bed if you know you are going to need it in the morning.

Itchy Scalp Treatment

Getting an itchy scalp after too long of no washing or rinsing hair is something we all know and love. Even if this concept is a stranger to you, having a treatment for an itchy scalp that doesn’t involve scaping your head with toxic shampoo is crucial if you want to get involved in the no-poo lifestyle.

This treatment is perfect to use about once a week in order to diminish an itchy scalp from washing your hair without shampoo. It exfoliates the scalp area to minimize flaking and gets rid of any possible build up from co-conditioning and dry shampoo.

One of the many benefits of the no poo, shampoo-less washing method is increased hair health and decreased worry about using heated styling products to achieve that perfect, bouncy and luscious hair look.

Styling Unwashed Hair

Not only is shampoo-less hair safer to style, but it is also easier to work with because of the thickness and shine it contains. For ultra-healthy hair, it’s important to incorporate the right kinds of tools into your new routine that have monitored temperature patterns in order to prevent hair breakage and style hair with ease and a single pass.

Our favorite tools to use right now are these new curling wands by T3, they are made with ceramic clip barrels that allow a curl to form perfectly without having to re-do it over and over.

These wands come in two different styles depending on your style, and are perfect for both every day and a special event.

After a while of washing your hair without shampoo and styling it with high quality tools, you will start to notice you locks looking and feeling healthier, smoother, and more voluminous than ever before. Quitting the unnecessary chemicals and toxins that come from shampoo might not be an easy transition, but a worth it one indeed.


Discover more hair-friendly shampoos at our SkinStore website here.

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