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We Asked, They Answered: Our Female Founder Q&A

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In honor of International Women's Month, we’ve brought together our favorite Female Founders of the brands you love, and asked a few questions about their career expectations, advice, and aspirations for the beauty industry.

Our Founders:

Dr. Macrene Alexiades, MD, PhD., and FAAD, 37 Actives Founder

Rea Ann Silva,  Beauty Blender Founder

Susannah Roberts, Lipstick Queen Brand Ambassador

Fiona Stewart, Slip Founder

Our Questions:

What’s the best career advice that you’ve ever received?

“Don’t live in the land of no” says Beauty Blender Founder Rea Ann Silva. "It sounds simple and obvious but it becomes pivotal when challenges arise, and you find yourself wondering if it’s all worth it.”

Dr. Macrene Alexiades reported that her favorite career advice came from her sixth grade teacher Mr. Siegel. “Reach for the stars. I never forgot it and it has been my guiding light throughout my journey. The brand is no exception.”

"Work hard, work smart and be true to your gut," says Fiona Stewart. "I truly believed that Slip Silk was a beauty secret that people needed to discover and everyone should be sleeping on silk for the hair and skin benefits. In the early days, when retailers tried to put Slip in the bedding section of the stores, we always said 'no thank you' – I always knew these products were meant for the beauty departments.

Susannah Roberts, brand ambassador under Lipstick Queen, looks up to her fellow beauty ambassadors for inspiration. "Someone who has always inspired me and continues to inspire me is Andrea Maria. Andrea believes in the empowerment of women and does that through her encouraging support on social media. Andrea also has an incredible way of tying her authentic self to stunning shots incorporating beauty products."

What advice would you give your younger self?

Rea says she wished she learned the basics of business in a more academic setting. "I learned how to run a business by jumping into it head first , and there is a lot of value in that approach, but looking back, I think some basic business tenants would have helped. My son is going to college next year and I am trying not to influence him too much but I am definitely nudging him towards business because it will always help, no matter where your career takes you.”

“You have one life: live it in truth and to the fullest,” added Dr. Macrene. “Do not give up your dreams and yield on the right answers in order to please others or to provide the answers that someone else wants to hear.” This is especially true to the mission of 37 Actives and raising the bar with skincare.

What's Your Career Personal Mantra?

“Lipstick can’t solve all problems," laughs Susannah Roberts, thinking back to Lipstick Queen. "But it’s a pretty good start.” When Poppy King, the brand founder worked on the corporate side of beauty, she launched a small lipstick brand aptly named Poppy while working for Estée Lauder. She also wrote a book called Lessons of a Lipstick Queen  that spoke about entrepreneurship. In the process of writing that book, Poppy launch her latest company,  Lipstick Queen.

What is your vision for the beauty industry within the next 5 years?

“There is no reason why active ingredients cannot stimulate the same processes that we have been using devices and procedural techniques to achieve.” Dr. Marcene implores, looking at the milestones of clean beauty past to present.

Rea is also looking forward to the future of clean skincare.  “My vision for the beauty industry is to strive, to never stop innovating. My brand was built on innovation and I hope that in all of beauty we continue to push those boundaries.”

Poppy is excited about the future of  personalization with makeup. "In the next 5 years, it would be amazing to see the beauty industry become even more customizable than it is right now. Ensuring that every person wearing makeup or a beauty product feels as confident and beautiful as possible."

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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