* Blushing Emoji. The Blush Color Code.

Blush can be intimidating. It’s easy to get lost in the isle of endless shades and start to contemplate your entire existence. You might start to wonder if you should wear red blush? Or should you wear purple blush? What about green blush? Is there such thing as green blush? Chances are, seven hours later you decide on getting the same shade that you usually get. But before you get all flushed, you should know that there’s a guide to the “What color of blush should I wear?” question. That guide is called the blush color code, and it’s right here at your fingertips.


What color of blush should you wear?

Blush coloring is a little more complicated than basic color theory and the “opposites attract” idea. In a world of so many different skin types, it’s important to know how to bring out your unique undertones and be able to bring attention to what you want to highlight.

We’re going to break it all down for you by skin tone so you know exactly what to reach for next time you’re in an endless aisle of contemplation.

My fair ladies: Blush for light skin.

The lady at the makeup counter might have handed you this one already, but she wasn’t wrong if your natural blushing color is a baby pink shade. It’s safe to say that the easiest way to get that “I’m just blushing,” look, is to go with the color that occurs when you actually blush. Ground breaking, we know.

Also, here’s another variation of this that would look beautiful on you.

The sunny side: Blush for medium skin.

If you have medium skin tones, you probably have warm undertones, which means that shades with a hint of orange will really bring out that effortless pinch of color we all want.

Oh, and for a more dramatic look, try this one.

Ol-Love to blush: Blush for olive skin.

If you have olive skin, first of all, we’re jealous. Second of all, we know that it can be hard to find the right blush because of likely green undertones, but look no further than a warm, peachy blend that will bring out your glow.

Also great for you.

Deep Dark: Blush for dark skin.

We have some good news for you: unlike most skin types, you can wear the boldest and brightest of shades and not risk looking ruddy. Take advantage of this and pop some color on your cheeks! Still wondering if you should wear red blush? You should. Red will bring out the warmth in your skin tones and give you a glow worth turning heads for.

See also, berry.



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